Monday, April 6, 2015

Jamestown Bridge 10K Race - Recap

Past results:  2012 - 1:00:02 (no post – pre blogging); 2013 - 1:02:21 (race recap)

This year: 2015 - 1:04:25
Well that's not really the direction we want to see results go in.  A 2 minute gain each year?  Maybe there’s a reason?

A - sub 60 minutes (standard 10K goal until I consistently hit it)

B - 65 minutes (because I’m pretty sure I can hold a 10 min pace these days)

C - Don't die (because it’s good to have one gimmie goal)

This is a fun race, we run over the Jamestown Bridge heading East then through a neighborhood, under the bridge and back over it heading, you guessed it West, and for fun it was into a, 20MPH sustained with gusts nearing 50. As Tommy 5K and Shara said before the race "It's really more of an experience than a race."  I think that is appropriate.  They also took first in their respective age groups and struggled against the wind also!  Congratulations to the super couple!   

After feeling the wind at my back for the out, I knew the back was going to suck, I focused on enjoying the out.  No point in dreading the back half of the race.  The 5K runners were coming up the crest of the bridge they looked like they were struggling.  At least my whole race wasn't into the wind!  As I exited the bridge, it was cool to see the runners running under the bridge and looking to the left I saw Tommy 5K entering the bridge, third place I believe. 
The neighborhood is fun, people are out cheering, always appreciated.  Entering the bridge, whoo boy was that wind strong and getting stronger nearing the top of the bridge.  I coaked myself to the top singing along with Johnny Begoode. "Go Go Johnny".  At the top it was a struggle against the wind. I couldn't do anything but laugh and admire the view.  Laugh at the ridiculous wind and look in awe at the amazing view of the Narragansett Bay.

On the way out I had passed a guy in gray shirt, we were back and forth for the first couple miles then he dropped away.  I was surprised.  At mile 5(after the top of the bridge and on the way to the final uphill) he reappeared, I said "OH there you are, I wondered what happened to you." He said "I paced off you for a while, see you at the finish."  HA!   And he did.  He finished 6 people ahead of me, I was surprised by the pack of gals I passed a bit back sneaking up on me!  Way to go gals, nice push at the end!

It was a fun race, probably the last time I'll run it for a while.  I was wrestling with bagging it, the only thing that kept me going was another glass to add to the collection and annoy Dave.  I enjoyed a nice Stone Brewing Company Porter in it on Saturday night!

Beth, glad the wind is calming down!

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