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Weekly Recap: 4/27 - 5/2 (final)


Hills x8 / Stedman's




Rolling hills



7 Sisters (12 miles)


Monday - Ever have one of those runs where you don't really want to but you do because you feel you have to?  That was this one. 

Looking at the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace) I had negative splits, overall it was pretty consistent. Not that pace is the be all and end all of a run, well at least for me, but it seems that is the second statement I hear about someone's run is "I ran X at Y pace."  Um, ok?   Yeah, Beth stop grumbling or justifying....

As an added bonus, I was treated to a lovely (sarcasm) odor of asphalt milling and tar being laid down section of the road.  I was avoiding the speed-work gang down at Jupiter Point.  To clean my lungs I ran along the shoreline along Avery Point.  That was lovely.  I haven't been there since I ran there in the snow.  Always a nice to have a bit of a breather along the water and get the nice cool breeze from the water.

No TRX, and only a short walk with The Giz, he wants to walk, a mile is about all he can handle, and my nerves don't handle being more than a block from the house.  He is heavy to carry!!

Tuesday - 8 hill repeats on School Street.  Definitely not into this run either.  WTF Beth....  I knew we had two repeats left but there were three sticks left in the pile.  Old people can't remember things so we gather the number of sticks equaling the number of repeats, put them at the top of the hill and take one from the to run pile and put it in the run pile.  I figured I imagined that we'd done 6 and we'd only done 5 and sucked it up thinking, two more after this.  Upon FINALLY getting to the top there was much discussion over how many were left, 2 or 1.  Someone had the bright idea to count the total number of sticks.  There were 9!  Hallelujah!! 

Only one left, we were doing 8 total right, not 9...  9 is next week 7 was last week so this week is 8.  Thankfully we run with two engineers and they get this math stuff.  I, being an accountant, surely can't grasp these higher math concepts with sticks, right?   I require beans! HA!

Next up was the intermediate ride with the Stedman's Women. To say I was a little apprehensive is an understatement, could be why my hill work was so crappy?   I know I will always be intimidated by better athletes, and my omnipresent fear of not measuring up.  (Ok Beth this is a blog not a therapy couch)   Betsy was our ride leader and I let her know that Jennifer and I would hang back, we were looking for a challenge and not sure how up to the 16 - 18 ride speed we were, lastly, it was completely fine to drop us.  I had the route in my Garmin, and it has been behaving, and knew the roads.  She was ok with that and offered up the route card just to be sure I knew where we were going, in the event they did need to drop us.  Nice! Now we didn't feel like we'd be holding them back.  Coupla head cases, aren't we?

The  3 mile ride out on the bike path and my legs were not cooperating, well shit.  Eventually everything fell into a grove and I was good.  To distract me from my dismay, good friends are priceless, Jennifer announced she was signing up for Big Sur marathon for 2016, I asked how much wine she had to drink before THAT decision. Wasn't that really hilly, like mountain hills?  Um, don't mention running up Mt. Washington, but hey that is only 7.6 miles so no big deal? And before I knew it whatever was going on with my legs and my head were gone.  Then we saw a deer and a bright shiny object and a pretty cloud and, and well you get the picture.  Pedal pedal pedal.

When the routes were published I was more than psyched (and intimidated, sensing a theme here?)  that the intermediate would be on Mail Road and Glen Rock Road.  Dave's RC Plane Field is off of Glen Rock so I'd been out on those roads driving many times, they are beautiful and a couple of good climbs and lots of fun rollers. Perfect for a bicycle, convertible, or a motorcycle.  Last summer I saw this was part of Chris's work commute  and I was drooling over the thought of riding on those roads.  Actually packing up my bike and doing them never occurred to me as an option.  This is why I road ride, I can start from my house, same with tending to run more on the roads, I can step out my front door and run.  It is convenient.  It looks like such a hassle to see Dave packing up all his gear and making sure he doesn't forget anything, then there is the whole bike shoe thing.  He drives in his, yeah, no didn't occur to him to bring a change of shoes.  I don't ask, I accept.   So, anyhoodles, actually planning a route and driving to ride roads isn't top of mind. 

Ok where was I in this jumbled mess of consonants and vowels. 

The first big climb is right after you make a left on to Mail Road, so you know speeds are slower from navigating the left and cued Jennifer to get in her little ring and damn it all if the whole chain didn't pop off the bike and twist. 

Of course I hadn't noticed till I got to the mid point of the hill where it levels off for a few feet.  She slogged her bike up, we got the chain straightened out. Her chain is in serious need of cleaning.  My hands were black with grease, shit, damn it, remember to not wipe your eyes and pick up some more Cat's Tongue.  We had a small gear and shifting lesson.  These things aren't learned until you actually have to do them in practice.  I remember having the same thing happen when I shifted into the little ring under tension.  Like a damn can with a snake in it, KAPLOWIEEE.

Betsy came back looking for us and we explained what happened and then we all regrouped.  Betsy and the rest of the gals weren't concerned about having to re-group.   Still made both of us feel a little guilty about holding them up. 


The rest of the ride was great, up and down the rest of the hills on Mail Road to Glenn Rock and back on flatter roads.  I'll pack the bike up and ride that route again, I really enjoyed it!  Definitely challenging for a beginning of the season ride, will be interesting to see how each of us progress and if we actually do get up to intermediate speed of 16 - 18.  I think the hills slowed us a bit and the down time fixing the chain, plus I was so spent for the last three mile pedal back to the bike shop it wasn't funny, no really it wasn't funny, I was getting grouchy....  "don't push me"  HA HA....

Wednesday -   I had a conference call not getting over till 11:30 and Faith had a meeting with her adviser, and luck would have it we could run a little later and even luckier we were both in whiney I really don't want to do this moods.  I feel badly when I'm the only one whining.  Ok no I don't, I should.  We started off at about a 10:30 pace and were just fine with that, mile 1 clicked off and mile 2 Faith looks at her watch and says hmm we've sped up, a lot, like 9:30.  We backed off and eventually got back to somewhere around a 10 and backed off a bit more, well there was a bit of a hill and I was really starting to feel the heaviness in my legs and thinking, hey I only wanted to commit to 3, why are we nearing 3 and I'm no where near campus.  Well shit.  On the way back to my campus, Faith said if she were by herself she would go to her campus and get in her car and go home.  I said, well that is closer than my campus and you can drop me off when you drive by.   At this point I was called an enabler.  Yippiee!!  Oh wait is this a bad thing? In this case, yes an enabler for bad behavior.  I'll accept that.  So, we are turning left and not right and will you really drive me back to my campus? NO.  The answer was NO.  Yeah, I figured as much.

Total miles for me were 4.5 and 6.1 for Faith, she ran me to my campus then back to hers, and stopped by the ocean for a quick cool down by standing in it for all of 30 seconds.  I'm insanely jealous. 

And I tallied my running miles for April 100, Whoop!  Finally!

Thursday - Rest - It was 40F when I woke up at 6 a.m. I'm not biking in 40F, especially on a scheduled rest day.  

After a day at work that can only be described as "People stop pole vaulting over mouse turds"   Gizzy and I went for a mile walk, and he did well.  He is fading and not quite as insistent about having a walk (his whine fest was half-hearted) or about getting his way.  I'm still happy he wants to walk and we will keep it up until there are no more.  

Friday - After last Friday's suck fest on these hills, well really it is one hill down then back up for 350ish feet, I was leery.  I made sure, no egg salad or cinnamon rolls (yes s - of the 7 sins gluttony and sloth are my favorites, I know diametrically opposed, it's girl logic, just go with it).  Additionally not having a NYC day the day before or a full 8 - 1 meeting schedule,  and finally entering the phase of that awful estrogen roller coaster where running is easier for me all played in my favor today.

Angie joined Jennifer and I for this fun.  She figured she'd barely eek out three if she ran at home and while her suggestion of can't we start at the bottom of the hill and then run back down fell on deaf ears, she was still game to see what was going to happen in the next hour or so.  

After what seems like months of  "why am I doing this runs" this one felt great!   Perfect to have before what is bound to be a sufferfest on Sunday.

Saturday - Took Gizzy for a walk, he was much peppier than yesterday and took a solo hike to calm my nerves.

Sunday - 7 Sisters Trail run (12 miles, 6 up hill and 6 down hill or something like that)  it sounded like a good idea at the time...  Recap here.

Beth, feeling in much spunkier spirits!

And 5/3 - 5/10 is going to be a light running week with a lot of travel...

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