Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekly Recap: 4/13 - 4/19 (final)


Stedman's Women's Ride








Monday -  I'm getting used to my Monday runs.  It was fairly peppy and nice to get down to Jupiter Point.  I have no idea why that always seems like such a big deal to me.  I did decide to stop fighting the "hills" on Hynes and run down to 349.  Guess this gives me the opportunity to add in some "Bitch" repeats if I'm so inclined (ha yeah right).  I do enjoy the solo run collect my thoughts for the week ahead.

TRX was fun, sucks we won't have class next week, several of the gals are going to Mazatlan for the week.  Um, why not? My liver wasn't going to agree to that and Dave wouldn't be to keen either.  I really need to add in a second weights day.  Maybe my Thursday rest day?  Dunno....

Gizzy really wasn't walking well so we took a short walk around the block.  He was not happy to not cross US 1 eventually he let me win and we went left.  He crab walked  (his back legs aren't listening to his brain and they want to walk sideways, like a crab) a bit.   This is so depressing.... 

Tuesday - Hills!  6 School Street repeats.  By 5 I figured I'd be done.  Nope, the 6th one was tough and I did it.  We will up one repeat a week till we hit 10, and repeat this a couple times till the Mt. Washington Auto Road Race (only one hill 7.6 miles and 4,600~ elevation gain according to my Strava from last year).  I'm looking forward to it this year.  Hopefully I won't have the cough of death, cause that really sucked.

After work was the first Stedman's Women's Ride of the year.  Jennifer and I joined.  17 gals showed up for the first ride, seemed like quite the surprise to the leader!  There were three groups (14 - 16 MPH) (16 - 18 MPH) (18MPH plus) We stuck with the relaxed group and hung in the back, there were 7 of us.  It was nice.  The roads were a little cruddy in places and I really have to figure out how to get the Garmin to direct me.   Over the weekend I can fiddle around with the courses and see if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.  This was the maiden voyage for the Ruby.  I need to adjust the front derailleur, again, should have taken her out for something longer than 5 miles to see if anything needed adjusting.  Slowly rules of riding in a group is coming back to me.  I hope we can participate a few times a month.  Tuesday night is yoga night and we can't fit both in.  We both really liked this was a women's ride.  

Gizzy had another walk around the block.  After getting up at 4 am to do some research on the interwebs Dave woke me up to suggest we take Giz off the Rimadyl because it seems like he has a lot of the side affects, including clumsiness (the crab walking).  Ok, but did this conversation really need to happen at 4 a.m.?  The walk was better he was much more peppy and stable, huh...

Wednesday - Damn it all if Faith had her work schedule get shifted and we couldn't run.  I was exhausted and really needed a bit of a push to keep from getting lazy, like walking the first 1/4 of a mile of miles 4 and 5 in my run.  Feh, time on feet right?   It was also warm.  I need to carry some water with me, or stop at the college and have a sip.  But wow, it was warm and made running into the wind by the river so pleasant.  All in all it was a good run and probably less frustrating than being exhausted and running with Faith and feeling like I was slowing her down.  It may take a couple weeks of integrating in biking to get my legs used to the additional work.

Gizzy was whining up a blue streak,  totally up for a walk.  He was super peppy and wasn't falling for this turning left, he was going across US 1 with or without me.  I went with him, and we made a full mile.  The clumsiness (crab walk) happened just a few steps from the front door.  Improvement! Couple days of a mile and see if we can add on a bit.  Doubtful we will ever get up to 2 or 3 miles.  But who knows.  Aging sucks.

Thursday - NYC and a rest day, so that worked out nicely.  

Friday -  Massage!  It was nice to not walk with pain!  Giz got his mile and I was good with another lazy day.

Saturday - Morning Yoga class.  I wasn't so sure about this but hey, if it didn't work out then I don't have to do it again!  Very different class than the Tuesday night class.  It was good.  But I could not settle my brain for savasana as it was like 9 in the a.m.  

After class Jennifer and I went out for a 20 mile bike ride.  I was secretly hoping to make it 30 so we could get to the CT/RI border.  The road we ended up on after the bike path was narrow and a little harrowing for Jennifer so we turned around.   The bike path was nice.  Quite pleased we chose that option.  30 miles for next weekend.  I really need to get on the bike more and get on more hills.  All in due time right?

Very cool diving board, very springy with the car springs and Jennifer had that "OMG don't fall in" panicked mom look on her face as I jumped up and down on it.  The water was amazingly clear in this little pond. 

After a nice nap Gus got a nice long walk and was happy with the time with me.  Giz got his mile and didn't get clumsy so maybe we can up it after next week.  

Sunday - I think I get why as you age you don't get technology, you just don't want to?  I have this bike computer thingy and ugh if it doesn't make me crazy I have to read the manual, I know that would make all this so much simpler.  SO anyhow I did manage to ride a course this morning.  I really rode 15 but it gave me 14.8 because that was what the course was.  Ok...  huh.  yeah, read the manual Beth, it will make more sense.

These continual conversations Dave and I have remind me of my last visit with my parents.  My mother got a Kindle Fire in 2013, so she was busy trying to figure it out and giving up (like mother like daughter?)  I NEVER remember her being like that when I was a kid!    She'd fight to figure everything out.  Anyhoodles, the last visit she had a bunch of questions that maybe I could help her with (I bought a Fire for myself just before that visit).  Sure, why not.  We got her eMail loaded and a couple other things and a weather program.  Now she has three sources of weather, the paper (you remember that thing it is solid and leaves ink all over your hands when you read it), AOL, and now the Weather Channel.  She always gives me the weather report, and is amazed that there are three different ones.  She picks the one she likes the best and says that will be the weather for the day.  I have no idea which one is more correct, it all seems to be a fun game for her.  Because really her body aches tell her what kind of day it is going to be, damn the weather forecast!  HA HA!!

And this seems to be where I am with this Garmin 810, Dave has told me as much as he wants to and left this a.m. suggesting I read the manual.  

There may be another bike ride this afternoon after I read the manual...  there should be a run, at least get 20 in this week, slacker!

I'm avoiding running, I'll admit it.  I want to and I don't want to.  I think I went through this in spring last year too.  Biking doesn't sub for running and I do have a 5K next weekend and 7 Sisters (12 miles 6 down hill and 6 up hill) the weekend after so I can't be a slacker.  Maybe after 7 Sisters I can slack and ride more, and start riding to work.  Probably not this week, the only day I can is Monday and it is supposed to rain (sorry all you Boston folks, that really sucks).  Wed / Thur Short Hills NJ - oh that will be a load of fun, not.

Beth, happy to have a free weekend!  (and rambling - if you got to this point CONGRATULATIONS)