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Weekly Recap: 4/6 - 4/12 (final)



Weights / Yoga


Rest Day


Bike / Stairs



Monday - I'm getting used to Monday as a running day.  By Thursday it became clear I needed to make some adjustments, like taking Thursday off.  I had a short run, prompted by some dizziness brought on by dehydration from over eating (actually, I take that back, I didn't stuff myself but ate more than I normally would at home) at the in-laws Easter feast and only having one bottle of water on the drive home.  It is a tough balance, two and I risked not sleeping well.  It is a late night to begin with.  I debated running over to the college and getting a drink from the cafe or just running back to campus.  I ran back to campus.  

Gizzy got a nice walk when I got home from TRX.  My total miles / time on feet was acceptable. 

Tuesday - Triple Tuesday wasn't as painful as last Tuesday.  I did hill repeats solo.  I had an early meeting and had to be back to my desk for it.  Ro wasn't able to go early and I met up with Steve and Dave on their way out to School Street.   All in all it was kind of nice to do these solo, and I played some nice raunchy Kid Rock to keep me moving up the hill as all the construction guys looked at me like I was a nut job and made sure I was clear of them unloading lumber trucks.  Thanks guys, much appreciated!!  I did do my best to stay out of their way too!

Jennifer and I did a mile on the treadmill to warm up for upper body weights.  Followed the whole thing up with Yoga.  We giggled through most of it, because as we were lifting we kept saying "Downward Dog is going to suck".  No one seemed to notice and Renee, the instructor said,  "As long as you are having a good time and we remain friends, its all good."  

Neither of us were lucky with Music Bingo, it was all hard rock and we enjoyed the mini walks down memory lane.  

Wednesday - My usual run with Faith was going to have to be truncated because of a meeting and earlier in the a.m. the meeting was cancelled, yippeee!!!  Faith had to run 6 so she did a mile before we met for our usual 5.  I swear she is trying to kill me.    Granted I am a little sore and tired from Tuesdays.  It was a nice run.  Definitely keeps me honest about my mileage and not wimping out because I'm a little sore and cutting my run down to 5K versus 5 Miles.

Dinner out and Gizzy didn't get his walk.  He let me know he wasn't pleased by scampering down the block when I took him out before bed.  At least I can move fast enough to catch him!  Jax on the other hand could have been in Connecticut before I caught up with him!

Thursday - total rest day and I felt so much better for it as the day progressed and into Friday.  Even Gizmo didn't must up the energy to whine for a walk till 8:30 and by that time it was past dog walking time.  Yes, of course, there is a set time for these things!  

Friday - 8 mile run along the Coventry bike path with Jennifer.  We did 4 out and 4 back (duh).  The bike path follows a river (find out which) and at one point it was kind of swampy and there were bull frogs croaking.  Jennifer, terrified of snakes, screams "Whats that?"  I assured her it was not a snake it was a bull frog and she accepted that.  Then sprung on me we would be running by the Bradford Soap factory and that kinda sucked.  Yeah, it kinda did.   Sort of like breathing in atomized Ivory soap.  I felt like I could blow bubbles later on on the evening.    Because it was out and back we had that joy twice.   OH yeah and then back to her house into a bit of a wind AND a slight incline.  We took a couple walk breaks.  Neither of us have been doing any thing resembling distance since I ran NY 1/2 in March and she ran Ft Bragg in March....  apparently I'm being talked into the Blackstone Valley 1/2 the end of this month.  I'll probably do it.  Should be a beautiful course.

Saturday -  Finally a perfect weather day for a bike ride.  I met up with Jennifer at URI where they were having some sort of show and tell day for prospective students.  Nice, add in a little confusion to the chaos.  This was going to be our first bike ride together.  We opted to start from URI and not the calmer Train station because we were meeting Jennifer W for stairs at 11 a.m. Figured this would be easier.  

I'm still a little iffy on my Garmin 810 and I loaded in a course to see how following a course would be.  Well I managed to bung it up and didn't get the GPS started till we were 3 miles into the ride.  Whoopsie!  So what I thought was 15 was really 18.  Jennifer will strangle me later.  The bike path meandered on to roads once in a while, that was what I was hoping the Garmin would help with, wonder what button I pushed or didn't push?  I did get the first 0.1 of a mile so I started out ok.

It was a great ride, the bike path was perfect for a first ride, way less scary with no cars, only navigating around runners, other bikers, dog walkers, and baby walkers.  We could chat and get down the lingo and what this or that hand signal meant.  It was funny how much would come back about signaling as I'd run into debris on the path or slowing and stopping.  I couldn't recite the hand signals but as I would do them that would start the conversation.  So much better than when Dave was teaching them to me on busy roads and we would both get frustrated.  

Jennifer W met us on time and we did 10 sets of stairs, 7 running 3 with 8 lbs of bricks in a back pack.  For our rest breaks we did plank for time 3 times and then push ups 3 times.  Nice way to break it up plus I felt productive and well that's sort of important to me.

Topped it off with a trip to a local bar for bad food and drinks.  Because hey, ending a work out with a bottle of water and a carrot stick is kind of a downer!

Sunday - Day One 5K.  Recap to follow.  I'll update with a link!  The rest of the day I may clean out the flower bed.  The Crocus managed to get through half a foot of leaves (thank you lazy neighbors for not raking and giving my front beds a comforter of leaves)

Gak that looks ugly, especially with the who knows what it is garbage - Haz Mat gloves and waste can STAT!


Beth who is back at it and LOVING the sunny warm days.

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