Saturday, January 30, 2016

Charlestown Chili 5K - Recap

A week from nearly a foot of snow fall and there wasn't much snow on the course or the ground!

Jonny was in charge of measuring the race course and watching his Strava feed of running and re-running and measuring and re-measuring the course was amusing.  I was wondering when a slide rule may make the list of ways to measure the course!  It was great to be able to support the Charlestown Early Learning Center, education at all levels is important to me, and a fellow Westerly Track and Athletic Club (WTAC) member.

Gizmo - not to happy to model the hat from the race!
Jennifer texted me on Friday night wondering what my plans were for the race.  Simple, if I was there by myself I'd run to race if she went I'd run with her and what was her goal.  Her goal was 10:30 pace.  I knew that was a stretch for her, she hasn't been running more than a couple miles on the treadmill every couple days or so and running outside in the winter is painful for her.  I see and feel her frustration trying to balance everything going on in her life.  If she was willing to not walk I was willing to help her the best I could and she could call me every name BUT the see (c) yo(u) (n)ext (t)uesday word and we could remain friends and I wouldn't trip her.

We ended up with a 10:39 pace, and well that is in the 10:30 range so I'm calling it good.  We also walked three times (I thought it was only twice until I looked at the Strava).  She made it nearly 2 miles till we walked the first time, I tried just slowing down a bit but she wasn't having any of it.

Mile 1: 10:16 - yes fast, but I knew what was coming, you don't run with someone for nearly 2 years and not learn a thing or two.

Mile 2: 10:56 - we almost made it through the 2nd mile with no walking.  It was a push and I almost managed, but when you can't breathe you can't breathe.  I reminded her there was a fireman behind us...  We made it nearly two miles, so I knew she was serious.

Mile 3: 10:48 - two short bouts of walking (I'm a pushover, obviously).  All in all a good mile.  We passed a couple people, they passed us back, but hey we passed people.  Jennifer said she was laughing in her head when I'd say "watch her feet and we can close the gap" because she knew I'd take off if she let me!

Mile 0.1: 10:11 - picked it up a bit more to finish pretty strong.

I was happy to see the pace.  I couldn't grasp the math in my head for time.  Yes it is rather simple 10:30 is 30 minutes + 1 minute 30 second plus another minute ish for the last 1/10th of a mile  - to get to 32:33  (we were 33:24 and if we hadn't walked who knows we may have made the exact goal pace).

Beth,  happy Jennifer agreed to let me help her and we had a successful race!

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  1. Well, you know, I think you are one of the best pacers around!