Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Recap: 1/18 - 1/24

Monday - Big old ZERO

Faith and I were going to meet up for a run in Watch Hill. Today was a holiday from work for me.  The snow thwarted that idea and Mikey 's Strava post reinforced the decision we made - the roads were icy and not plowed, not to mention the wind gusts off the water.  So good.

-- non-running related --

I got started on my "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" project.  Fist up: clothes, shoes, outerwear, and handbags.    I had to pull out everything from all the corners of the house.  The rules say if you find something after you KonMari then it can't be kept.  I was ruthless.  No joy.  No stay.   (referenced as KMd later) I was amazed at the pile of stuff I started out with and the pile of stuff I was left with and the ginormous donate pile.  The keep was put away (hung, folded, placed).  I am quite pleased with my progress on what is going to be a long project.  And yes, I do feel a bit less stressed when I enter 'my space'.   The key for me was "Does this spark joy?"  Yes - keep.  No - get rid of.  I've never asked myself this question before.  There were so many things I kept because so and so gave this to me or someone made this or even I made this (I have several sweaters I've made that I absolutely hate - and I really need to not make any more sweaters, I never love them, other than the Ganseys, when I'm done with them).

-- kind of running related --

Next weekend spots stuff tops the list.  I already know, even as I've worn them and put them away there are a few race shirts, that don't spark any joy - and they will have to go.  I have the memory of the race, however the shirt, no...  I already went through a rather ridiculous medal collection and kept only those from special races.  Now to figure out what to do with them, seems like such a waste, they mean nothing to me.   As an aside the gray Blessing of the Fleet shirt was one Dave snagged from me a few years ago.  He said "I have one for you, this one chafes the hell out of my nips."  I said "Lemme guess the gray Blessing of the Fleet?"  He wondered how I knew.  I said I run with a bunch of guys who usually have blood running down their chest when they wear that one!   It went in the Goodwill bag.

Tuesday - (5.7) said it was going to be brisk, 24F (feels like 6F with the windchill) gusts of 30 + from the West and plenty of bright sunshine! Glad all I brought were outside running clothesn (really honest and truly) !  Ran into Eric in the fitness center, he was all bundled up ready to take on the elements. I went out and it was fan-freaking-tastic.  I really really enjoyed the run.  Picked a route that would have me blasted from all sides and the last 1/2 mileish, down hill directly West.  It was as if I was standing still on Morse St, and really had to give it some ooomph to get moving at something other than a snails pace.  I laughed out loud at how ridiculous I must look struggling to run down a hill!!

Yoga night!  I was so unfocused.  Renee played classic rock during class.  I found myself wiggling around to the music or singing.  Leonard Skynner's Freebird took me to memories of someone I went to school with.  Ahhh...  This was not a class for me to be settled but to just go with whatever I was feeling, and I did.

Wednesday - (8.0) Double day - of sorts.  Run at lunch, still windy, just not as cold, feels like of 12F, so like a heatwave compared to yesterday.  I ran a similar loop and thought I might hit 7, nope. Fail to plan = plan to fail.  I do need to get my mid week run closer to 7.  All in all a peppy run and it felt really really good.  I so hate the heat and this weather, while a little frustrating to many, really makes for happy running for me.

Spin after work, Jennifer and I meet up at the Arcadia YMCA, for what always ends up being a great class. Tonight was an interesting interval.  When she explains them it sounds like a monotonous hell, however she picks out some good music.

Put the sweater on Gus, oh my he hated it, he was frozen.  Finally I figured out that it touched his tail and that was part of the problem.  Folded it up under it's self and that helped a bit but still he was not his usual energetic walker.  I suppose I could have taken it off him and carried it.  I didn't, we made a bee line to home when it was clear this was not fun for either of us.  Lesson learned.  It was really cold and I didn't want him to be cold, he'd rather NOT wear the sweater.

Thursday  - (3.3) Rest day -  This was painful as the weather was beautiful, and I'm watching all these runs pop up on my Strava feed.  Well, I did have a nice knitting lunch.  Went to the Y for weight work after work.  That felt good.  I upped many of my weights, yes still on the machines, I need a buddy to go with for the free weights - Jennifer keeps getting sucked back into work.  Well, her commissions will be through the roof this week, so yeah, she's buying next week.  HA HA HA!!

Took Gus out on a walk, he gets so ancy right after dinner, constantly checking, now?  now?  how about now?  Usually by 7:30 people dinner is over and it's time for a dog walk.  Now he stresses about being picked or Jax being picked.  So much happier sans the sweater... lesson learned!

Friday - (10.3) I really do love this weather, the sun and the cold make running outside so enjoyable for me.  Sorry if it's not for you. It really is the sun, that is key.  Having grown up where the sun barely pokes it's head out 14 times from Halloween till Valentines Day having it shining so bright in the sky with few to no clouds, OMG heaven.   I dread anything above 50F.  And when it gets past 80F I'm so miserable.  Well I have a few more months of fun running weather ahead of me and I will embrace them.   Nice 7 mile lunch run, went back to the same old same old route as my Strava feeds seemed to be confusing Mikey with me not running on the standard route.  Kinda nice to get back to familiar roads, to be honest.

Nice walk with Gus in the warmer nearly 30F temps of the evening.  I am dreading the snow only for the reason of the lazy people who don't shovel and having to figure out what is going to work for a walking and running route from the house.  Running is easier, I can drive (shudder) somewhere and go for a run.  Gus isn't too big on the car, he tolerates it.  I hate to stress him out.  He's never going to be a calm collected dog, there was far too much damage done to him early in life.  I picked road running and biking because I can do it from my front door.  Rather than packing up and driving somewhere to run or bike.  I do love the trails, I hate the process of driving there.   Purely some sort of mental thing on my part.

Saturday - (11.2) Dave was leaving for his ride at 8 a.m.  He fed the dogs!!!  Whoop!  Always nice to be able to lazy around for a few extra minutes.   Peeked at the weather and what runs others had done before 8 and contemplated what I wanted to do.  A quick trip outside with Gizmo for his around the block trip confirmed I didn't want to go to Watch Hill and run back home into the wind.  Decided I'd head out towards Boombridge and see how far I felt like going.  I really need to start breaking into double digits, it's been since October since I've done a long run.  Ah well, maybe next week.  Fail to plan plan to fail, right?  Honestly I'm enjoying the 5, 6, and 7 mile runs, there may have been a few 8's in there.   I made it to the bridge and took a peek to see if the calves were out, I doubted they would be, and turned around for the 1/2 mile slow up hill and back to town, with the wind mostly at my back.  (guess that counts as planning?? LOL)

Jax got a walk in the falling snow, I was caked with snow, Jax was soaked, he shook off the snow once it piled to high on him!  That was a really fun walk.  He enjoys the snow a lot, when we got home he ran into the back yard to run around in it some more.

I KM'd for a while and got the last of all clothing done.  Next is books...  I do need to do some organizing and I have GOT to find the bowling alley wax to wax some drawers so they slide better.   Wonder where that got stashed? Once the drawers are cleaned of clutter - I have no idea what is in there - I see race bibs peeking out, they can probably be pitched - I can stash some running and biking gear in there!

Gus got a walk after about 9" fell.  We made a mile, that was tough going, he seems happy to have gotten out, snoring all snuggled up in his chair.

Sunday - (4.4) Looks like we got a bit over 10 inches of snow.  Not too bad.  I finished up the shoveling in the a.m. and Dave went out later and cleaned off the vehicles.  I enjoy shoveling snow.  I'm weird, I suppose? Or I'm channeling my father who will spend hours on the tractor moving snow around the farm.  Either way it's a job you can see progress with and the finished product is pretty darn clear!

We went snowshoeing with another couple, that was fun.  I only went snowshoeing twice last winter, so my skills are weak at best.  Yes it is simply walking with big things on your feel.  I managed to put the left shoe on the right foot (then yes the right shoe on the left foot) and this caused me to keep loosening the bindings and having to re-hook them up or re-tighten them.  Lesson learned!   Lots of trees heavy with snow.  It was fun being in front and knocking the snow off and watching the pine tree go WHOOSH and stand nearly straight up!  The hardwoods went straight much faster than the soft woods...   All in all it was a fun 4.5 mile loop we did on a beautiful day in Arcadia.

At 5'7" I was the shortest in the bunch by at least 5"!!!

Front to Back:  Bill, Dace, Me, Dave (my imaginary husband)

Probably an after dinner Gus walk...  no running.  Tomorrow, I'll run with Faith tomorrow!

Foot miles:  140.6 against a goal of 132.2
Bike miles:  30 against a goal of, 132.2 - well we aren't counting quite yet because I don't need to be frustrated

Beth, Go Pats, DO YOUR JOB!!!


  1. You must have good taste, as I like your kind of running weather, and I truly enjoy snow shoveling.
    So the imaginary husband does exist? - Good to see :)

  2. Snowshoeing with long legged people cracked me up :) I have snow shoes I just don't have any friends close by who have them also. My husband did use them the other day to look for a missing cow though!