Sunday, January 3, 2016

Weekly Log 1/1/16 - 1/3/16 (partial week)

I'll wrap up 2015 in a different post - I wanted to start the year off fresh with a partial week. I dunno why.  I just did...

It's my blog!

Friday 1/1 - Stairs were on the agenda.  11 a.m. seemed so late.  It wasn't because Dave decided we'd go to his friends house for NYE and I tagged along, the only runner among 5 mountain bikers.  My road riding didn't really count much to them...  Geeezzzeeee   John, Haley, Jason, Kim, Dave, and I.  Nice small gathering, calorie laden food complete with pizza and beer and probably the 5th time John and Haley had watched Ted 2. It really was HYSTERICAL!

I was running a little late to get out to URI, fortunately so were both Jennifers!   We had a surprise, a new person for stairs.  Chris.  His goal is a 5K in three months.  We got him all hooked up with Couch to 5K and are figuring a race we all can run.  The poor guy was a little overwhelmed and thrilled to have not just Jennifer B but two other people totally he only met today on board with his plan.  Chris made 1 and 1/ 2 trips up the stairs at Mead Stadium, then decided he would walk the 1/4 mile stone path around the stadium.  One step at a time!

I wasn't hungry for dinner so I took Gus for a walk instead.  Being up so late really zombiefied me... Started tracking the walks on Strava.  I've been using MapMyWalk, I'd rather have all this in one place, I think...  Fortunately Walks don't count as Runs so my mileage will stay pretty true.

Saturday 1/2 - Meandering run, probably won't run on Rte 3 again, but I was curious how it would be, I enjoy running through Westerly's north end, kind of like a place time forgot.

Dave and I watched Star Wars, very good.  I, being nearly illiterate when it comes to pop culture had no idea there are going to be two more movies.  I'm kinda sad about that.  I loved the way it ended.  Oh well.

Gus and I went out on our evening constitutional, he started staring me down immediately after dog dinner.  With in 10 minutes of getting back he is sacked out in front of the fire.  What a life these dogs have.

Sunday 1/3 - In addition to my Father's 73rd birthday it was the second race in the 4th Season Trail race series. Resolution Beach and Trail 5K.  I had a big course PR last year, not so much this year, I did run through the mud and water and nearly lost my footing on a slight downhill, that was pretty cool!

Recap to follow.  31:47 official time (and it matches my watch).  2nd fastest time on the course, I'm pleased.

Run: 10.6
Walk: 9.7
Remaining:  1,995.7

Bike: 0
Remaining 2016

Other: didn't drink a lot of beer?  the mookus is finally clearing up, only a few snot rockets and loogies!

Beth, off to a decent start on the year

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  1. And you're off! Nice start.
    I almost made it to the Resolution 5k. Sorry I didn't go.