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Weekly Recap 1/11/16 - 1/17/16

Monday - (8.1) Run with Faith!  She is heart rate training which means staying below 140 which means I don't feel like I'm dying when we run together!  We jibber jabbered about happy topics for most of the run.  We were rudely interrupted by Mikey screaming through the middle of us scaring the crap out of us. Faith had a big HR spike (I need to check Strava to see if I can see her HR data).  Then we decided to plot how to get back at him as he sped off turning around to flash a mischievous smile.

Weights after work, I'm feeling more comfortable with the moves of the 13 machines I'm using.  I need to add in Dead-lifts and Single Leg and Both Leg Squats.  All in due time.  Going over into the free weight area is a little intimidating, at the moment to even add in the dead-lift and squat let alone free myself of the machines and do these moves with free weights

Order: Leg / Core / Arm 3 sets 8 - 10 reps till fail for all but core Lbs in () Machines: Leg: Leg Press (120); Leg Curl (5); Leg Extension (50); Calf Raises (100); Abductor (70); Adductor (60); Core: Ab (80); Back extension (90); Twist (35) none to fail, discomfort, not failure; Arm: Military Press (40); Chest Press (50); Row (50); Lat Pull (50) I've upped weights a bit, will be interesting to see the progress and if I'm willing to push the Core machines a bit.

Tuesday -  (5.0) Dug in to my gear bag, three different lengths of bottoms, yoga pants, two pair of socks, a couple long sleeve tech shirts, shoes, two yoga tops.  No bra.  I thought I had solved this problem, guess not.  I ran 5 anyhow, slowly, because well a yoga top isn't all that supportive, I ducked around not so populated roads so I could well eliminate some of the stress my poor girls were experiencing.  Perhaps a smart woman would have bailed.  I knew I wouldn't get in a run at all on Thursday (back to NY) and I really wanted to run.

Yoga after work was definitely needed.  I was feeling stiff.  We did a good number of planks and forward folds!

Wednesday - (7.9) Yoga was what the Dr. called for, felt so much better in the morning.  Walking down to the fitness center I said to myslef, if you see Mikey on a treadmill see if he can convince you to stay in.  He wasn't on one.  OK, hmm, did he actually go out??

Wednesdays have been a run with Ro, she texted that she was sorry but with the wind she was bailing plus had some errands to run, I'll chalk it up more to the errands than the weather.  I stayed away from the water with the 15 - 20 mph west wind, right off the water.  Made up an interesting loop and did the hills I usually do at the Thursday Night Sneekers run, which I haven't been to in a while.  Running in the dark and cold, ugh...   By mile 4 I was ready to be done and well, running was going to be the warmer way to get back to campus and get warm!!

All in all not a bad run and much faster than Tuesday properly equipped with a sports bra.

Spin class with Jennifer, good class, one of the best yet.  Lots of intervals and climbing.  My legs are tired.  Jax was the lucky recipient of a walk.  He loses interest after a mile or so, which isn't bad when it is warm and I can catch up on Words With Friends, but not in this 20 with a windchill to I don't know what, I don't want to look.

Thursday - (2.2) A NYC day.  I got out for a walk out to Bryant Park.  The Strava track was pretty funny.  Looks like I was drunk and walking into buildings!  I did go in to a shop to get some lunch but otherwise I didn't run into a person or a building!

Dave took Jax and Gus to the beach so I didn't get the stare down for a walk when I got home after 9 p.m.

Friday - (8.2) While I REALLY wanted to have a Friday afternoon nap, I didn't, I went for a run from the Y so that I would be more likely to do my weight routine.  If I ran from home, well I know the weights wouldn't happen.  And as with the theme for the week I forgot my socks.  Fortunately it isn't too cold out, mid 40's no sun though, so my feet didn't freeze, nor did I get any blisters (yeah me).

Did a similar weight routine, I need to remember my little notebook to write down the lbs.  With the run first I was more forgiving on my legs and a little ruthless on my arms.

On the train yesterday I read "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" it's all the rage and I can't believe I bought a book and didn't get an eBook, besides falling for some popular thing, ugh, I'm losing it!!  I am very happy to say, overall it made sense, and I have someone to gift the book to!

She has a bit in there about emptying out your pocketbook every day and then loading it up in the morning so you don't end up lugging around extra stuff. This is a horrifying thought, to then find a place for each item in there and there isn't much in there and I ritually empty it every morning while my computer is booting up and toss any nonsense I'd collected in the last 24 hours.  Honestly, if I need to do this with anything, I need to do this with my gym bag.  I am on a roll with forgetting things because I shove so much just in case stuff in the bag.  I'll start Tuesday with this process.  The bag is empty sans two things I have for "just in case" I will transfer to my desk.  I think the ritual of loading my bag every morning with the gear for the day  Mondays are Run and Weights, Tuesday are Run and Yoga, Wednesday are Run and Spin, Thursday REST DAY!!, Friday Run and Weights.  Versus loading it for a few days and then taking things out because it is over packed, then forgetting to put things back in.  The process of emptying in the evening will be therapeutic the bag should be empty after putting my workout gear in the laundry basket, hanging hats and gloves to dry (unless I leave them at work to gross out the guys or its not seasonally appropriate), and toiletries, all ready to be packed again in the a.m. after I check the weather!

Saturday - (5.7) Friday Nicole texted the group 7:30 a.m. from the Narragansett Beach for 5 or more?  I thought sure!  Then I looked at the forecast.  Looked like it was going to rain till 2.  As weather does in ANY part of the world it changes.  Eventually the forecast started shifting 1, then noon, then 10, then it seemed to land at about 9.  My alarm clock went off, checked my phone, texts, hey can we postpone till 9?  I texted back YES!! and went back to sleep for an hour enjoying some snuggle time with Jax.  

Jenn looked at her phone, noted there were lots of texts, went to the beach for 7:30 and when no one showed she figured that must be what all the texts were about.  She had 13 on her schedule (she is Boston bound!) so went out and figured she'd see us when she saw us.  Such an awesome gal!  Nicole saw her running and when Patti and I arrived we went out to meet Jenn for her last little bit and ran her back to her car asking how much she had left.  She was happy for the company, even though we are slower than her, miles are miles, and we did 5 with her on the hilly part of U.S. 1 in the slowly dying rain.  When we got back to the beach the sun was starting to come out!  Yippieee!!!

Rain didn't stop us on Saturday!
It was a fun run, I really do enjoy running with the Narragansett gals!

Next Saturday is a 5K one of the guys in my running club is organizing,  I will run that, maybe get in some miles with the gals before?  or see if I can convince any of them to venture out to Charlestown and partake in the Charlestown Chili 5K...

Sunday - (4.1) Dave was up and out for a ride by 8, so we were all up getting our day started.  This always messes me up if I don't immediately get into my running gear.  I didn't, so it was hard telling how my day was going to go.  Through the process of deciding when to (read: avoiding) run (I needed less than 5 to meet my weekly goal) I managed to get a lot of nagging chores done, quilts mended, fixing some shoes (Shoe Goo is AMAZING)  I was glad to not have to get rid of the Simple clogs I've had since before I met Dave, the Shoe Goo got the toe box all glued down to the sole.  I'd part with the big bucks to replace them but I really doubt the current version are the same as my north of 20 year old clogs.  The original company was closed and only recently reopened.  Believe me I've been searching to replace these specific clogs for quite some time.  Nothing has been the same.

Took Gus out for a nice long exploration walk in the afternoon.  We were greeted with snow flurries, he seemed to enjoy the walk, mostly.  New things to see and to smell and some of the same old same old.  A guy in a van asked "Is she a pit bull"  I said, "He's a boxer"  The guy said "She is really cute with that brown patch on her eye." Gus gave me a look, um I'm a BOY not a girl.  Sorry...

After years of not being able to find the right for me Yoga class or finding it and then the instructor not teaching anymore, I investigated the studio Michelle has been raving about,  All That Matters  studio on South Kingstown.  I hemmed and hawed, wanting to see what they had and not wanting to because the class style I want is during the day, and guess what, I work, so um it's a no go and yet again I am bummed not being able to find something as close as possible to Becky's Thursday Night classes in Ann Arbor.    They have it, Iyengar style!  And on the weekend and in the evening!  Even a Thursday 7:30 - 9 p.m. class like I used to take with Becky.  Granted it is close to a 40 minute drive.   Stay tuned, I'll get there for a class.  I'll go not expecting Becky's class because I'll only be disappointed, I go in with an open mind and heart.  So funny how even after 16 years of not practicing with her I miss her terribly.

On Foot 2016 goal - 97.7  (93.7 straight line goal), a little ahead!

In Saddle 2016 goal - 15 done, I'll measure against goal once I get into prime riding season, otherwise this is going to get depressing.

Beth, another week in the books!  Cheers!

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  1. Great week! I keep thinking want to go to a yoga studio for yoga instead of always just doing videos at home but in the end I don't want to make the long drive. Hope you get to yours and find one that fits you :)