Monday, January 4, 2016

Resolution Beach and Trail 5K - Recap

Resolution Beach and Trail 5K, the second in the South County 4th Season Race Series series by Off Rhode Racing.

My Past Results:

2012  31:59
2013  registered / DNS showed up an hour late!
2014  32:48
2015  28:29
2016  31:47

Full results here

My third best time out of 4 races, not too bad.  I'm sure the course was short for 2015, or it could have been the speed work I was actually doing at the time?

Sub 30 is my standing goal for 5Ks anything lower is gravy.  I'm happy with that.  I can sight-see a little at that pace, and breathe, I like to breathe and not to cough up a lung which is pretty standard of late with the mookus.

I'll work on sub 29 for 2016, perhaps.

This is a favorite race, low key, not a lot of hoopla.  Kinda like a big giant group run with the fast folks in the front and the rest of us tagging along hoping to get dragged along!

Mile 1 is on the beach, in to the wind out and then wind at your back, the latter was nice, the former, not so much.  Kinda like running at my parents house but no beach and no other people, well the milk truck, but um, that's more scary than comforting to see one of them coming at you down a dirt road.... I got passed A LOT.  9:57

Mile 2 the last bit of beach, all beat up from the people ahead of me, some sandy trail, a bit of hard top and then stone crushed trail.  I passed two people.  10:25

Mile 3 back into the wind for stone crushed trail, a bit of mud, (a slight down hill and I mean slight, and the sun in my eyes, and I nearly took a digger!!) through the stone house, over a small bit of water, then back on the beach for 1/2 mile till the finish.  I passed two people. 10:19

Scott Mason was catching people as they left the stone house, he missed me sort of as he was re-positioning, probably tired waiting for all the stragglers?  I like the shots he took and as always, purchase.  He's a talented photographer!

Well this was composed, I was tumbling off the tiny rock ledge I was sure
it would be a picture with my arms all over the place!!
Credit:  Scott Mason Photography

Mile 1/10 beach I was counting backwards from 1,000, it works to get my mind off the discomfort and the wind and the sand - I sucked sand out of my teeth for the rest of the day - gotta keep my mouth closed!!  10:10

Photo Credit:  Jana Walker
I'm totally counting and gritting my teeth!
And yes, I always look like I'm standing still, I'm running, really!!

The taller girl behind me came up to me after the race and thanked me for helping her.  She said she kept the back of my jersey in her sights the whole race and hung on.  That really made me smile! Glad to help someone out!!   Fortunately I can see her bib number and hopefully will remember her name, if I see her again.

Beth, who ran through the water and the mud and didn't care her feet were soaked, that is the FUN of running off road, right?

Credit:  Scott Mason Photography
I really like this one.


  1. I bet that is such a beautiful run along the beach like that! Congrats on a great time :)

  2. Great job!

    I really wanted to do this one. There's always next year.