Sunday, November 11, 2012

Catch Up!

Seems like all I've been doing is catching up lately.  It is a complete mystery to me where time is going.

Thursday was a non-running day, I enjoyed my break. I went out to Newport to pick up my shirt and bib for the race on Sunday.

Friday I took to the trail at Bluff Point.  It was 3.8 miles and 38 minutes of bliss.  I ran the 2nd half of the trail, considered taking a small loop on the 1st half of the trail but it was getting close to dusk and I didn't know if that would be a good idea.

On the trail the swans had returned to their spot.  They scare me.  Not as bad as geese do.  Guess being attacked by geese on the family farm does that to a girl?  I know the Canadian geese freak me out on the golf course, but then I do have a golf club in my hand so I can defend myself.  Running, not so much, I couldn't out run them as a child, doubtful adult Beth would be any more successful.   I know, of all the things to be scared of, geese, swans, long necked winged birds.  Funnily enough ducks don't scare me.  Go figure.

Swan, beautiful and scary

Saturday, oh my, what a disaster.  I went out with the designs on a 12 mile run to Watch Hill and back.  My IT Band had other plans.  5 miles in I called hubb and had him come get me.  I felt so defeated.  But hey, I don't need to aggravate the overuse injury, right?  I need to treat/manage it like I did for the PF.  Plus I had a race on Sunday.  Then again I had 17 miles on the schedule for the weekend.  So that all went pear shaped in a big way.  The rest of the day I spent with girlfriends.  I haven't seen E and H in FOREVER we had lunch and shopped and caught up.  We need to get together more, once every couple months is NOT enough.  Something to work on.  H travels for work so taking her away from home for a day of the three she spends at home just seems so unfair.  We will figure it out!

Sunday, today, the Pell Newport Bridge run.  I ran it last year. I spent the night in Newport because the race start was 6:30 a.m. and I was on the 5:45 shuttle to start and was all weirded out about getting up early and making the shuttle and getting a good nights sleep.  A year of races and getting up early traveling and running a good race solved that problem.  This time I slept at home, so up at 4:15 to leave by 4:45 to catch the 5:45 shuttle.  I slept OK, I never sleep well the night before a race, and having had such a crappy run, well let's just say I was focused on sleeping well, and I did!

Pell - Newport bridge 

The run last year was cold, this year not so much!  YEAH!  There were 2,500 runners and walkers.  Walkers, yes.  I have nothing against walkers but please, please, please, if that is what you are doing line up in the walker corral not the runner corral.  I wasted precious energy passing all of you lined up in the earlier corrals. Not placing blame on you, that lands squarely on my shoulders for not realizing the number of walkers participating   Next time I will line up in the 9 corral versus the 10 corral.  Oh yeah and don't walk 4 astride.  While I may not be aiming to place in the top 10 I do have a PR from the last race I want to beat!

I did beat last years race time of 40:42 with a 35:54.  I am pleased.  That puts me at a 8:59 pace for this 4 mile race.  Granted the down hill from the top of the bridge helped.  I had negative splits, I cut nearly a minute off my pace on the down hill part of the bridge, so yeah!  I finished strong and look forward to next year.

After I showered, fed myself, and re-hydrated  I took Gizmo on a hike and we enjoyed ourselves.  My poor guy was going crazy from not being out all week.

Walking in the woods gives me time to reflect. Running does to, with walking I can think more deeply as I'm not worried about twisting my ankle and can explore my thoughts a bit more!  I thought about something a friend said to me in the last 6 months, maybe longer ago, I'm not sure.  He said "Beth, you have changed,  You are a different person from a year ago."  I denied it, he pressed the point, I insisted I haven't changed I am still the same person I was a year ago.  That conversation has been playing and replaying in my brain since we had it.  More frequently lately. He was right, I am not the same person I was a year ago.  I don't think I've changed at the core, I think I found me.  I think the outside more reflects the inside?   Running did change the outside of me.  I have been amazed at the transformation.  Running did change me mentally.  Increased confidence.  Then I wonder did it change me or did it bring me back to me?   Maybe running just brought me to the next stage on my journey?

I discussed this with Gizmo, he would stare at me as I prattled on, then wander off to sniff something and come back to report to me what he smelled.  Yeah, we don't speak the same language; still we had a nice conversation.

Sir Giz of the Mo  -  LOVE my curmudgeon!

The rest of the day was fiddlefarting around. Coming back to that question of have I changed? Perhaps it is more of an evolution?

A friend posted this Nancy Thayer quote to her wall today:

"The universe is always speaking to us...sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities  reminding us to stop, look around, to believe in something else, something more."

I do believe this life is a journey, my soul has something to learn in this body, what that is I may never know. My job is to live this life.  What happens when this soul learns the lesson of its destiny?  Does it go on to a new lesson?  Has this soul met the souls I know now in lessons of the past?  Is that why I feel like I've known someone forever?  Will this soul meet up with souls I know now in the future?   I hope to meet up with the souls I've met on this journey in the next and the next and the next.

Has running changed you?  Has any new venture (writing, boxing, singing, acting, biking, etc) changed you? Love to hear your thoughts!

Beth who ran, thought, and got little else done....

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