Monday, November 12, 2012

"Your Fire is Back"

After an interesting conference call my work hubb says "Beth you've got your spark back, atta girl." I've been a bit out of it, not quite mopey just not me since I got back from the Marathon.  Post Marathon Depression, it really is a real thing.  All that build up that HUGE serotonin release the high, oh that high.  I floated on that high for a week.   Note: I sit in an open floor plan in a tri desk the three of us in a small space all facing in.  You don't hide much of anything from anyone in that situation.    Tim was great about talking me off the ledge for my pre race stress and poking me appropriately to get my fire back.  You can't ask for a better friend, hence my 'work hubb'.

After lunch I went on a quick 5K run around the block and felt even better, got a little spring back in my step as some would say.  Hmmm... maybe the brain chemicals have reached a level of homeostasis?  I knew I should have doubled up on the Zoloft for the week after...  Ran in to a fellow runner, just back from 10 miles.  We compared race results over the weekend and talked about the post marathon depression, seriously people, this is a REAL thing, I'm NOT making it up!!!

TRX was tonight, just two of us and the instructor.  Lots of talk about cancer and who has what and who just died from what. The things we gals talk about.  Then we got on the subject of generators.  I am the only one lacking a generator.  Lots of talk about wattage and how to wire it and turn it on and off and well, totally not girly conversations of TRX classes past.  Hey whaddya want, we just dealt with a Hurricane and a Nor'Easter out here in New England whaddaya think we are going to talk about?

A friend of mine announced he has signed up for his first 1/2 marathon!  I'm so proud.  He has been running for a while and having a goal for 13.1 in April 2013 is awesome!!  So proud!!

So yeah, my fire is back, I am feeling more like my feisty self, bring it!

Beth, is back, back again....

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