Sunday, November 18, 2012

PR = Personal Record

Some call it a PR some call it a PB (Personal Best).  I like PR because that is what I heard first.  PB is what my English running friend calls it and well, I like to disagree with him, so there you have it, PR it is.

I PRd in the Mew's Tavern Gear n' Beers 5K this afternoon! 27:27 was my net time per the chip in the bib, and the Garmin is close enough!!  It was a hilly 5K and while I was a little limpy in the beginning I did manage to finish strong!  I need to take care of my right IT Band and the resulting right Knee pain, and I have no idea what is up with the left Hamstring,  Rolling rolling rolling and stretching stretching stretching should help!  Oh yeah and some ice and rest mixed in for good measure.

From Detroit Runner's post I found this site Athlinks.  Very cool  It crawls the web finding your race results.  There are a couple missing but hey, this is totally cool!

Shows my first road race to the latest, not including todays stellar performance, I'm sure that will show up eventually.  Also there is a section for my trail races.  I'm tickled.  I've been meaning to catalog all of this.  I'll review bib numbers against the list and see if this list of 21 road and trail races contains all the races I've run since I started racing in 2010.  Woot...  

Beth with a new PR

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