Sunday, November 25, 2012


After giving a friend new to running in the winter, he is training for his first 1/2 marathon happening in April,  some advice on dressing for the weather, my current predicament is rather funny!  It was semi solicited advice, his question was how to deal with the cold air and getting his lungs acclimated.  Something I never really thought about, or if I did it is a distant memory.   A friend of his and I pelted him with advice and what we wear and what works.  I am a girl, I wear skirts, I like skirts, I used skirts in an example of when I switch to tights, when the temperature is consistently below 32F I switch to tights.  His friend suggested he reconsider skirts.  Perhaps you had to be there for the exchange?

Anyhoodles as I got dressed this a.m. for my 19 miles I checked the weather it said the temperature was with in my skirt range, what I neglected to check was the wind chill, NOT in the skirt range.  As you can see in this history of the weather, it was above 32F at around 8 a.m. and due to climb, however the 10MPH wind was dragging that down to 29F holding it pretty steady and the sun that was out, went under cover of clouds.  Blargh...  whaddyagonnado?

Temp History

The usual suspects were out this Sunday a.m.  I asked the stoop sitting smokers if they ordered this weather, they said they did not and we vowed to figure out who did and have them return it!  Many of the dog walkers had Santa suit dog coats on their dogs, so cute!  It really was cold, and it really was a beautiful day, until it wasn't.

The wind was bearable, just before the second hour started there were enough trees to break the wind.  After that, not so much, and I was running into the wind.  Absolutely nothing breaking it.  Lovely. This made me think about Phoenix in January and the Rock n' Roll marathon, hmmm maybe I'd be too warm, I should check the weather for that time of year.  At one point Katy Perry California Gurls came on and I tried to take myself to sunny warm SO CA. Feh, sort of worked, at least singing took my mind off my cold and getting colder legs, is that really possible, how can they be getting colder?

I pushed through, knowing that I had posted I was doing this 19 for a couple of fellow runners experiencing some running challenges.  I knew where I could short cut my route and get in just about 16, I landed at 15.78 at my front door.  I entered the house, and Hubb said, "You look cold. Really cold. Your face and legs are beet red."  I said "I am" and pulled up my shirt to show him my even more beet red belly, yeah that was under cover of a shirt, long sleeved, those come out at temps below 40/45F, it was beet red.   As I warmed my legs by the fire and as they started to thaw - Ok, yes, a bit dramatic, they weren't actually frozen, just REALLY cold - the pain then started.  I commented "Wow my legs hurt."  Hubb chuckled and said, "It is going to get worse, jump in the shower and warm up those muscles."  His years of skiing and swimming taught him that lesson, I suppose, I never did ask how he knew of this torture. It was painful. I'd rather have shin splints.

The water warmed me up quite nicely and I got fairly well stretched out.  My right knee is tight from my tight IT band.  I'll roll tonight and that should help break up that scar tissue.  I really need to focus on not letting the IT band get worse...

As I still 'owed' 3.25 Miles, on the 19 commitment, and Gizmo hadn't been out of the house in a week, I took him on a hike in the woods to more than make up for the mileage shortage.  Taking a leaf colored dog to the forest covered in leaves does present some challenges, fortunately he does have a handsome gray muzzle making him easier to spot.  Plus he 'checks in' regularly in the event someone is handing out a treat.  He loved romping through the woods, he loves going somewhere and doing something and not having the other dogs around.  I took him on a slightly different path at Bluff Point, so there were new things to explore and he could get off leash more as there are less people who venture down those particular trails. Yes I was dressed appropriately and did not freeze!

Sometimes a leaf colored dog is hard to spot among the leaves!
All in all the run really wasn't bad.  I started out a little fast, walked a little between some discomfort in the knees and just plain having cold legs. Guess it is time to put away the skirts and dig out the tights or at least pay attention to wind chill. Live and learn, right?


Beth, who will be packing tights for tomorrows run and remembering that thing called wind chill!

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