Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Running the Flat Lands

Visiting my parents for the Thanksgiving week.  This means running in the flat lands of SE Michigan.  During this a.m.s run I had an incredible 71 feet of elevation gain.  I think I may be a little lightheaded as the elevation is some 800 feet above sea level.


 Either the altitude sickness or drinking too much with my father last night could account for my slow pace?  Or I'm just slow?  I'm lapping everyone on the couch, so neener neener foo foo....

The run today was on back roads, dodging farm trucks and dogs!  Very grateful the neighbors did not try and pick me off as I ran!  Also happy to have had some dogs to run with, or were they chasing me?  I'm not really sure.  In any event, nice pups. Note the hunters orange shirt, I wasn't going to be mistaken for a deer, and definitely not a gazelle considering THAT pace...

After my run, I spent time with mom, well, I was her minion unpacking boxes and putting things away. They are finally moved back into their house after a the house fire the 26th of December last year.  The 11 month ordeal of the rebuild is one for the history books and a story better left untold.  Let me just say that there are evil scheming contractors out there and may karma bite them in the ass for what they put my parents and all the independent trades through.  My father got into the act and suggested he too needed a minion and I needed to do some weight training to go along with my running. Little did I know this was also going to involve, stairs.  Ok, so I was carrying the boxes down stairs, but hey I still had to climb up the stairs!  Yeah, didn't think that was going to elicit any pitty...

The satellite map is far prettier than the street map, I ran out to the main hard top road, and then around the block.  I love the look of farm fields, looks like a homey patchwork quilt.  This image must be from the late spring/early summer everything is green and growing.  Now, it is dead and brown, and mostly plowed.

Beth, enjoying some time with her parents

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