Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting My Legs Back!

Monday's run my legs felt like lead, it was awful, and I kept kicking my right ankle with my left shoe, that was a lovely bloody mess on my now 'recovery run' Brooks.

Sunday I went to a running store in Providence to have them take a look at the shoes I trained in, the Asics had about 400 miles on them and the Brooks about 250.  I ran the marathon in the Brooks and they gave me fits with the shoelaces becoming tight at the top and loose at the bottom?  Weird.  Anyhow.  I plopped down my bag o'shoes and he took a look at them.  Declared both shoes to be appropriate for my supination. However, based on the wear pattern on the Brooks they are too firm and based on the wear patterns on the Asics, perfect for me.  So hey, cool, I like the Asics much better.  I bought a new pair and will pick up a second pair with the next version is released in a few weeks.  I like to have two pair of shoes to alternate between.

I wore the new Asics and a new running shirt today.  Old running skirt, which is now too big and I guess I need to buy more, darn.  Possibly I was in the groove due to the new duds or possibly my legs were just ready to run again.  It also could have been the boy runners giving me the thumbs up for being out there in the cold and wind.  Oh it was WINDY alright.  I ran up hill into the wind on the start of my run and downhill into the wind on the end of my run.  I was really feeling good and my time shows it. Not my best 5K time but hey, I didn't fall apart!

I'm ready for a long run over the weekend and have a race on Sunday.  Think I'm getting back in the swing of things after my first Marathon adventure.

Beth, getting her legs back

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