Friday, May 10, 2013

Unstoppable? Perhaps not...

And So It Burns had this in his news feed this morning, it made me laugh for a number of reasons!

I've been traveling.  Driving from RI to MI (via CT, NY, NJ, PA, OH) on the 8th of May.  It is between a 12 and 14 hour drive, depending on what route I take and how often I stop.  Stop for lunch, chat with the trout fisherman along Rte 17 in NY, check out a shop, check out a trail, see what the town of Barkeyville PA is all about, snap a picture of Town of Horseheads sign and chuckle, sometimes I'm compelled to just shut my eyes for 20 minutes.  When I am driving, I am doing my best to stay under 80.

This frog did not look amused...  

After all the highways, it is on to back roads.  When I got on the final set of  back roads to get to my parents house, I fly down the paved part, in the middle of the road, it is in the middle of no where, no really, it is.    When I see headlights coming at me I get in my lane and slow down.  Which I did on Wednesday night.  Those headlights turned around, and then they flipped on their lights.  Whoopsie.  I was pretty sure I had slowed down to something near the speed limit (what ever that is) and because he saw me cross the center line figured he was going to get a drunk driver.

The chit chat started, Lenawee County Sheriff "License, registration, and proof of insurance."  I said it would take a minute for the paperwork, my glove box was a mess.  I handed him my licence and opened the glove box and sure enough everything came exploding out of there.  I found the proof of insurance on the top of the pile of paper.  Pshew, and oh yeah it is current! I handed it to him and he said "I've never pulled over anyone from Rhode Island before.  What is that state like?"  I said "Small."  and flipped through papers, where is the current registration.  He said "No is it rural or city."  I said "Little bit of both."  He then asked the question "What exactly are you doing out here on Ford Highway? This seems a little remote for someone from Rhode Island."  I explained that I grew up out here and was visiting my parents up on XYZ Road and this was the best way from US 23 to get there.  Still shuffling through papers, to find that darn registration.  Last time I got pulled over (STOP LAUGHING SHEILA) was several years ago in North Carolina (pretty funny story actually).  He said, it's that yellow piece of paper.  I said it was last years.  He said it would be OK if my tags were current.  I bit my lip, because yeah that factors into the NC story, he reported my tags were current.  And off to his car he went.

So not a cool picture at night, but can you hear a little Judas Priest "Breaking The Law"?
He came back to the car with my paperwork and licence and asked if I knew why he pulled me over.  I said I was pretty clueless.  I figured he thought I was drinking and driving because I crossed the center line, but hey I wasn't going to say THAT!!  He said "You were going a little fast, 66"  Fortunately I didn't ask "So, what IS the speed limit."  I said "OH, sorry."  He explained that he could give me a ticket or a warning.  I said he should do what he thought best.  He then asked me if I thought he was being lazy if he didn't ticket me, because his shift was ending and he really didn't want to deal with the paperwork.  Oh good lord...  Of course I wouldn't think you were lazy for not giving me a ticket.  (Is this guy flirting with me? Aren't I supposed to be the one flirting with HIM to get out of the ticket - and THIS my friends is why I married a man from NY, the MI guys continually baffled me)  I thanked him and carefully pulled back on to the road and crossed over the hard top on to the dirt road.  He did follow me, until the last turn off to XYZ road.

After I was on my way, my father called.  I always call when I get off the turnpike so they know I'll be along in 45 minutes or so.  He wanted to know if I hit a deer or what was the hold up.  I said, "Oh, I got pulled over on Ford Highway."  He said "Way out there, huh, did you get a ticket?"  I said that I didn't and I was about a mile away I'd see him in a few minutes and that I had a police escort.  He laughed and said "OK see you soon."

So yeah, unstoppable if not for Law Enforcement.  DOH!!

Presently I am in the grand city of Whitewater, WI, calming my nerves before the Ice Age 1/2 trail marathon tomorrow morning.  There is a 50 Mile and a 50 K race also.  Next year a 50K is the goal. You may ask why on earth is she running in WI.  Well...  a friend signed up for the race and cajoled me into signing up for the race it would be fun she said.  I figured it was perfect because I could spend some time with my family in MI motor to WI race, see a cousin or two, motor to IL see an Aunt and then make my way back to the teeny tiny state of RI.  As luck would have it one of my cousins is marshaling at the 50 Mile turn around, so yeah!!

I spent a few years of my childhood living in this state, wayyyyy up north in New Richmond, kinda feels like home wayyy down here in the southern part, kinda.  My mom mentioned that New Richmond had a foot of snow last week, and perhaps I was glad to be a bit more south, OH YEAH!

I walked a bit of the course after I picked up my bib...  very nice, the first miles in either direction are not technical, wonder what the guts of the route have in store?

The 1/2 is mostly the blue loop on this map, hopefully there are not too many places to get turned around...

Like, here 50 yards from the start...  the course is marked with painted arrows on the ground...

Beth, running in the wilds of Wisconsin.


  1. You are a wonderful storyteller BLS. Have a great Ice Age run and soak up the visits with family and friends!

  2. I look at that picture of the "course" and see me, stranded in the middle of the woods, being haunted by the Blair Witch. Godspeed! xoxo h

    1. I only saw the map of the course I run and then saw that FSM course and slightly panicked!