Thursday, May 30, 2013


Missed Wordless Wednesday...  I was looking for an old picture of me in HS from track...  My mom gave me a bunch of old pictures, that one wasn't in there.  I'll have to hunt it up next time I'm visiting my parents.  My whole one track season in High School, or was it two...  oh what I should have learned when I was  young and not injury prone.

Wednesday I didn't run at work.  Weird for me.  But then I wasn't in NYC on Tuesday so there you have it.

Hubb called when I was nearly home and asked if I was serious about going for a ride, I said I was and would be home in 5 minutes or so.  He loaded my bike in the truck and when I got home I scrambled around  getting my things in order.  After the whole sunglasses debacle I'm getting better about putting things where they belong.

Oh the sunglasses, after running, I usually take off my watch, sunglasses, and iPod if I wore it and leave it in a specific spot.  Well I didn't do this for some reason and spent the better part of three days looking in the same spots for my sunglasses. Isn't that the definition of insanity?  Everything was all over the house, watch on the dining room table, iPod was on the coffee table, shoes in the kitchen (what?!).  I noticed a quilt had fallen on the floor and picked it up. Out of the quilt fell my sunglasses.  Huh.  I must have set them on top of the quilt precariously balanced on the radiator and well you can fill in the blanks.

We did the Sanctuary Outer Trail together; once in the camp ground he took off to do the Vin Gormley and the Sammy C leaving me to have an hour to just ride around.  I decided I just wanted to explore the camp ground and get a little more used to the bike, practice 'jumping' logs and laying off the breaks going down hill.  On the trail I took a nice tumble off the bike because my weight was too far forward and then side swiped a tree as I'm not quite one with the bike.  Watching him it is like the bike is an extension of him.  Even when we used to ride wayyy back in the olden days the bike was an extension of him, although now it seems more so.

I had fun riding around the camp ground and going fast, I really really liked going fast.  Found where one camp trail hitches in to the North South Trail and a way around one of the hills I really dislike, but then that means I'd miss a down hill I'm sort of getting the hang of.  Decisions decisions.

My legs were pretty spent, from Tuesday and I was just tired. I felt much more comfortable on the bike after my little solo tour. It was time to head back to the truck.  Caught up on WWF and Scrabble just as Hubb appeared. So that worked out well..

I really like the speed I can get on the roads and enjoy the challenge of the trail.  Hubb has two bikes, the mountain bike and a fat tire bike.  I may think about a road bike.  Suggestions?

Today was a rest day.  I'm tired.  Tomorrow is the Twilight Trail Race at Bluff Point, this will be my fourth year running that race.  The first two years I ran the short loop.  Last year the long and the long again this year. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces out there and a familiar trail!

Beth, glad to just take it easy today


  1. Good luck at the race tomorrow! If you see Jonny, tell him he's good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like him! I'd run but I'm going out for another attempt at accurately mapping the Narragansett Trail 5K turnaround...damn GPS!

    1. I didn't see Jonny. Eventually I'll be better at recognizing people! It was a good race, hot, and I felt like crap the whole time, but that will happen. Looks like you got your trail all accurately mapped!! Looking forward to your work of art!