Saturday, May 18, 2013


This mornings run was filled with the scent of lilacs! It was so wonderful, the first smells of spring.

I ran my hilly 5K route, in Westerly, down US 1 to a loop in the park.  The fountain is operating again, so much I missed in the time I was gone!  Then through town, when is that Irish Bar going to open!?!?, past the Knickerbocker, oh a fund raiser for the dunes, should check that out!  A big thank you to Mr. Driver who stopped to let me cross against the light!  Had enough time to catch my breath for the long slog up Oak Street and then the ups and downs on Tower, to the final down US 1 and back home.  Love ending on the down hill instead of the uphill!

I remember the first time I managed to run the whole way up that section of Oak Street.  Doesn't seem like so long ago, and it also seems like a lifetime ago.

Hubb remarked that I was home early, wasn't I going to run for an hour?  Frankly I forgot what my intention was when I left, I felt good, so I took Gizzy for a little walk, he was happy for some 'mommy and me' time and I needed to cool down.  Hubb was busy packing up the truck for part I of his Saturday adventures, just best to get out of his way!

We parted company for our adventures and reconvened after 9 tonight.

Tomorrow is at 5K in Branford, CT.  Part of the Shoreline Race Series, I supposed I could bow out of it and pass on these races, but the jacket is cool and well, who can't use a jacket?  Hubb suggested I fess up to my jacket addiction, I think he should stuff it, don't you?

Tomorrow afternoon is my first mountain bike ride in, oh a really really long time, should be fun!  Yikes...

Beth, running in the a.m. and riding in the p.m.

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