Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day of the Dog

Arriving home tonight I was greeted by three very chatty and animated boxer boyz.  Something about dinner was an hour late and I smelled of another dog.  Dogs and their schedules, ours certainly are very schedule oriented, they don't like it when things are out of the ordinary.

On my non NYC days I wake up before my alarm to this guy, Gus,

sitting down, intently staring at me, wagging his nub of a tail so fiercely his whole body vibrates, waiting for me to open my eyes.  He either wants me to get up so he can have my spot or for me to scootch over so he can snuggle.  This morning that was the 'I want your spot' face.

I got up, he crawled in my spot, rested his head on the pillow and was o.u.t. out.  Didn't even come in to check on me or stare at his reflection in the mirror or guard the doorway while I did my PT.

Tonight was the kick off for the Stonington Village Fun Runs.  Starting and ending at the Dog Watch Cafe in the beautiful and quaint Stonington Bourough, hosted by Steve and Heather.  They are a fun run, so you are really only competitive with yourself.  We were warned to go out slow as this is the first race, didn't we want to see improvement.  Fair point.

I ran 5.5 for lunch today.  I really just wanted to get some miles on my ancy legs.  The 5K was for fun and lets see how my legs would do.  I did pretty good --> 28:47, and my legs didn't feel tired or heavy.  Chatted with another runner for a few blocks, he passed me but I kept him in my sights!

After the race we were given a popsicle stick to cash in for a beer (if we were over 21), sorta disappointing that I didn't get carded (HA HA).  Cashed in my popcicle stick for a Blue Moon and spent some time getting to know Hemi Metzger (the dog in question) and his guardians a little better.  Sweet little rescue boy, quite the sad story, as most are.  Found nearly dead by the side of the road, very beat up (think bait dog sort of wounds) several operations and months of a vet tech nursing him back to health, he was good to go to a forever home.  Really enjoys people, other dogs, not so much.  I can  understand that, considering the suspicion about what he experienced his first year of life.  Gus generally doesn't do well with other dogs, people, well they are his cup of tea!  Totally get the special needs of rescue dogs, they all have their stories.

Lots of chit chat, one interesting tid bit to share --> one of the guys was given some great advice by his 26 year old son.  Don't spend too much time looking backwards, look forward, enjoy life.  We all doubted we were that wise at 26 and it is very good advice!

Beth, looking forward to these weekly runs and getting to know other local runners (oh yeah and hanging out with Hemi)

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