Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nooseneck 18K - Recap

Thanks for all the comments on shoes!!  Awesome stuff!!  I did figure out my mileage on my shoes, seems that while I note which shoes I ran in (on Garmin Connect) the notes field is not a select-able field for the reports, blargh...  I have it dumped into an Excel sheet and typed in the shoes.

First race for May - Nooseneck 18K - for Boston - 5 p.m. Saturday.

I hemmed and hawed about going.  Sought council from one of my friends:

"I'm faced with a pretty serious decision about what to do.  What course of action to take.  What is the RIGHT path:

Do I run the 18K (11.2 miles) race with the group on Sat night?   
I have a 5K Sun a.m. where I am guaranteed to get my chops busted if my time is over 30 min...   
See, serious stuff here.   This is what keeps me up at night.   Well, that, and Gizmo snoring in my ear... Thoughts?"

The response was:

"Seems like you could:

a. Run the 18K and skip the 5K run (seriously, not sure what you were thinking - running back-to-back races!)
b. Skip the 18K and kick ASS on the 5K or;
c. Run both and not give a flying fuck about what people say about your 5K time ("I'd like to see YOU run an 18K and then do a 5K the next day!" - could be your retort)

Fundamentally, what do you want to get out of these two days? What do you want most? To run, or to participate. Personally, I have suspicions that you want to test yourself and run both AND get a sub-30 time on the 5K just to prove you can, but I won't voice that suspicion ..."

This exchange, drenched in sarcasm, reminds me I have great friends!

I had lunch with a bestie, and I didn't exactly make the wisest lunch choice:

Breakfast Burger:   Our grilled burger topped with corned beef hash, a fried egg and american cheese served open faced.

Somehow I missed the burger part of the breakfast burger.  Hubb is hysterically laughing his head off as I go back and review the menu, in the section clearly marked "Burgers, Burgers, Burgers" he wants to know if there needed to be a fourth Burger for me to get the message?  Yeah, I can be a little flakey; when I'm not being intense.  

I was expecting corned beef hash, fried egg, and cheese...  the burger part was very rare and a surprise...

Bestie asked, "So why do you need to be home by 3?"  I said "I think I am going to run an 18K race, it starts at 5."  She just laughed and said "Only you. Let me know how that burger works out."

There were a good number of runners, 3 for the 5K option and the rest (20?) for the 18K.  I started out a little fast, it starts on a down hill.  I kept the fast pack in my sights for the first mile, eventually got passed by the person who beat me by about 7 minutes.  2 hours and 3 minutes later I trotted across the finish line.  It has to suck to be a race director and wait for that last person to come rolling over the finish line, which BTW is UPHILL. One of the other club members was there to snap my picture as I crossed the finish line.  I really have no issue with being DFL.  In fact, the RD said that when they run this race on 12/26 the last person usually comes in around 2:30.  I'm pleased with my time, my goal was 2 even.  The hills were killer, not as killer as Colchester when my SI joint went out of alignment.  So 3 minutes over my goal, not bad 11:08 pace.  I wanted to keep my pace around 10:30 / 10:45, well that didn't happen.  Then that hill at mile 5, I walked.  HOLY CRAP it was steep. There was a little walking on the two subsequent hills...

Well those are all over the place
Perhaps the burger wasn't such a great idea, it kinda sat there like a rock and there were some wicked belches.  Doubtful it had any impact on my time, just not an appropriate pre-race meal.

The route is beautiful.  One for when I'm looking for some hills and a challenge, plus it is closer than Colchester.  If I'm local on 12/26 I'll put this on the list.  After a day filled with eating millions of delicacies my Mother In Law serves I'm sure it will be interesting!!

Tomorrow is a 5K, it is supposed to be flat and finish on a downhill!

Beth, who will be sleeping like a baby tonight!

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