Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Mostly wordless....

Took Gus on a hike to try out the Strava iPhone app, very cool.  Even better, he may make a good trail running partner.  He wasn't so good on the roads with that ever oppressive leash.  He stuck by me, even before he knew I had bribes in my pocket, never straying more than 20 feet.

Happy Boxer Boy!
We've only gone to the beach together, he isn't so good with other dogs, rather unpredictable....  he is a rescue, after spending 18 months of his 3 living years in puppy prison (AKA kennel) he is neurotic and insecure.  He has been with us nearly 2.5 years, July he will be 6.  I always took him to the beach or Ninigret park because it is open and easy to spot people with dogs, the woods, not so much. So rarely do I run into another person with a dog, I may try him for a short trail run.  He is a pleaser, and seems to have gotten even MORE attached to me since Sage's death in January.

Beth (and the hubb) rescuer of hard luck Boxers....

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