Sunday, May 26, 2013

Riding a Bike. It's Just Like Riding a Bike!

Ever heard the expression "Just like riding a bike, you never forget."  Well by golly it is true.  A month or so ago I dusted off my old Bontrager, Hubb gave it some TLC and today Hubb took me out for my first mountain bike ride in oh 15 years.  The last trails we rode consistently were Maybury State Park,  Island Lake State Recreation Area, and a little of the Potawatomi (Poto) in Michigan.    Hubb got back on the bike November of last year in an effort to "keep up with me"!  

Bike all tuned up and oiled I took it for a spin in the neighborhood to make sure it shifted correctly and the breaks worked.  All was fine, and as I remembered.  How amazing my hands just knew what to do to shift in and out of the front rings on the left the back rings on the right, front brake left brake.  It was all good. The little boys jumping things on their bikes waved at me, the dorky old lady with a big goofy grin on her face.  

Off to Burlingame to do the Sanctuary Outer Trail (the red one on the bottom of the map).

He was obviously well versed in the trails in Burlingame, I know them from a runners perspective, very different than biking them, obviously.   The first hill came up quick!  I managed to the top, downshifting correctly.  When we got to the 'third right' to stay on the Sanctuary Outer Trail, again, I couldn't believe we were there already!  He laughed at my amazement.  Thanks hon...  Overall, we went slow, I could sense when a hill or something tricky was coming up and he warned me ahead of time. Things just came up quicker, again, obviously my running pace is slower than my riding.  There was a little walking up hills, a few screams as I felt like I was going to fall off the bridges and actually did on a couple.  This produced a few laughs out of Hubb, once he determined I was ok.  He offered one piece of advice otherwise only amazement that I was doing so well.  The only advice was "Sit back on the seat over the roots."  Damn that helped A LOT.  

About 3/4 a mile down the Vin Gormley I called it quits, time to turn around.  My butt (sit bones specifically) hurt and my legs felt a little rubbery.  My lungs, now they were ready for more, more, more, more.

Speeding along the root and rock free parts was lovely.  I may never be a hard core jump over stumps and logs and rocks mountain biker girl, but the trails (and the mud) are certainly something I love.  A new seat will be procured and my sit bones will be happier.  Yes, I had on a good pair of bike shorts....

After we got home Hubb took a spin around on my bike and said "You really need a new bike.  They are so much better now." Huh...  new seat or new bike?  

Beth, opting out of the Sunday long run for a short (7.5 mile) bike ride

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