Friday, March 29, 2013

Chasing Skirts

I was poking around on the internet for a sparkly running skirt.  I thought maybe it might be fun to wear a sparkly pink running skirt for the Jamestown Bridge 10K next weekend.  I see the gals in their sparkly skirts in the bazillion St. Patrick’s Day races I ran, they looked like fun.  From what I remember of this race last year it was fun and there was even a guy dressed as a bunny rabbit!!  Anyhoodles,  I had no idea where they purchased such things.  Then I saw a post about sparkly skirts and I checked out the referenced website and well now I’m tooing and froing on the purchase of this.  I'd spend more on a few after work cocktails with one of my gal pals in NYC and I’m getting all wigged over $30 bucks?  Sometimes my internal dialogue doesn't make sense to even me.  I can’t imagine what Hubb deals with on a daily basis. 

So this prompted me to google “sparkly running skirts” there were pages and pages of blog posts and articles about skirts.  I was a little surprised people were so emotive and verbose about this apparently very controversial topic.  Wow.  I used to run in shorts or tights and that was ok and somehow I stumbled upon running skirts.  I can’t remember how but I fell in love with them from the beginning and have nearly completely switched to skirts. They are fun, they have pockets -  LOVE pockets – they fit nicely, and the don't ride up or bunch.  It all really is a matter of personal preference, what the individual is comfortable in they will run their best and enjoy the race!!  Not really sure why women running in skirts is such a big deal or controversial.  

Some men wear skirts, mostly kilts, I've seen a few pink tutus...  Back to kilts, I saw quite a few of them over the bazillion St. Paddy’s Day races and a few during the Marine Corps Marathon last year.

MCM 2012 Firefighters
Occasionally you may see a hamburger...

Nice Buns!! - Gansett Marathon 2012

I will be purchasing one in pink, a sparkly skirt, not a hamburger.  The next decision is bright pink or a muted pink?  OR Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us?

Tomorrow is a 1/2 marathon trail race.  After all this skirt talk, I'll probably wear tights, the prickly things were pretty plentiful when Gizmo and I went out to check out the Big River trails.  But who knows, as Miss Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day!"

Gizzy is good for about a 4 mile hike in the woods, which is probably more like 5 for him because he takes side trips here and there and then has to catch up.  We went two miles out and back, very cool trail, running or mountain biking.  Hubb nearly has me convinced to dust off the old Bontrager and get it tuned up.  These trails seemed much more my former biking ability levels, so maybe.  

Presently, Lord Giz of the Mo is at my feet snoring rather loudly, he was quite happy for an adventure that did not include the youngest members of the pack and to show me how to run the trail.  For a 12 year old boxer boy he is very spry!!

The brief hike along the first 2 miles of the 13.1 mile course was great, it really is a lovely trail and I imagine the deeper into the woods it goes the more lovely it becomes.  Very much looking forward to tomorrow!  Thanks for the encouragement Michael!  I'll probably be DFL PLEASE don't let that hold up any of the post race festivities, although, maybe make sure I am out of the woods before the last person leaves?  HA!!

Beth, the mostly skirt wearing runner


  1. I do like skirts but I don't run in them every time I head out. I do like my capris just as much. I did get a rock city skirt today which I am pairing with a super girl shirt for an upcoming 5k. My son will be Superman and I think my daughter is dressing as Super Girl too. It is all in good fun and skirts are cute. I will never win anything so might as well look good crossing the finish line. LOL

  2. You're gonna do great! And the way I look at it, even the person who's DFL beats everyone who thought about it, but never got off their butt in the first place, right? See you manana!!!