Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's NOT Talk About the Weather

Welcome Spring!

From "The Week"

I’m a little tired of all the bitching and kvetching about how cold it is and how the ground hog lied and what about global warming. Spring starts March 20th, it has for years. Yes, yes, last year in this area it was a high of 60 degrees, nice and warm.   Rewind to 2011 it was a high of 42, remember that?  Rewind a little further and 2010 presented us with a high of 69.  Just for giggles, let's peek at 2009, a high of 43! Are we starting to see a pattern here people?   *SMIRK*

BTW The average temperature is 48 for this area. Check at the wayyyyy bottom you can find the history for your area.  Golly gee wizz, I am so glad Al Gore invented the internet so all this information at our finger tips.

See, lots of varying data points!!

So there, nener nener foo foo, it is the cycle of the weather. Can’t we find something of substance to discuss? Perhaps the 7 Marines killed in a training exercise? Ok ok, yes a rather headdy topic. So Failing that topic of substance, if we HAVE to talk about the weather, what are the weather predictions for Boston? Or is it too early for that? I’m not even running it and I’m on the edge of my seat hearing about it from co-workers and virtual friends!

I digress… (Surprised?  No?  Didn't think so.)

So what have I been up to that is soooo important I can’t blather on and on in this blog? Please, let me account for my absence.

Monday: A lovely quick morning 5K naked run, no tunes, no watch, started the week. I think I’ll try to run sans tunes more often, perhaps just using them on long runs? The weather was nice, I remember it as sunny and a bit windy. I ran clock stupid, to take advantage of a set of long hills (going down versus going up, yeah yeah, lazy me) this also seemed to put me running into the wind more often than not. Not sure how that is possible when running a rectangle… Monday night is TRX. I do love that class and the gals. The topics vary all over the map, we all got the most laughs out of food. Where to get the best hot fudge Sundae and friends that will drive you all over hell and back only to never find one and ending up at the grocery store to get a pint of to die for ice cream. The downfalls of eating a whole box of Fig Newtons, don’t ask, if you don’t already know you don’t want to and don’t try this at home. Why, yes I can eat an entire box of Fig Newtons. I'm not proud of this.

Tuesday: I spent the day in Manhattan. This is a very long exhausting day. I was supposed to attend a morning seminar on Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption, it was cancelled due to the Government sequester. Blargh. Of course, to make best use of my time, I arranged other meetings for the afternoon the kind were you want to see ‘the whites of their eyes’. So no choice but to make the trek into the city. The bonus for me working in NY for the day, is being able to spend it with my boss. No, I am not being sarcastic, hard to believe, IKR? We share an office for the day and had quite a few things to discuss. It is nice to be able to have conversations as the topic arises either from all of a sudden remembering or an eMail reminder. All together an extremely productive (and exhausting) day. I managed to get on a train before 6 p.m. with some Crumbs cupcakes (Peanut Butter and Monkey Business) for hubb. When I finally got home the pack was happy to see me and get dog hair and slobber on my good clothes, grrr.. Of course my ever faithful Gizzy was right there to help me with my PT, I don’t want to get up any early than I have to so I do it when I get home. It is nice to not be alone, but I could do without the face licking. Thanks pal…

I'm bored.  Why can't I lick your face?

Wednesday: A nice quick, afternoon 5K, sans tunes was on the agenda. I did wear the Garmin. I only peeked at it twice. I think I’ll borrow the idea of wearing it backwards just so I have it but it is hard to read. The sun was brilliant on the wonderful first day of spring the wind was gusting 19MPH off the water. UGH. As I left the building another runner said, “The wind is strong and cold, however it is not constant. ENJOY!” I did and had a new fleece running top, so happy to not have to wait until fall to wear it for the first time!

Thursday: No planned run for today. I’m dreaming about a trail run tomorrow afternoon, cutting out of work early for an “off site meeting”. I’ve also been pondering signing up for a ½ marathon trail run at the end of the month.  There is also a 10K option. I really want to do the ½, for the experience, the longest I’ve run on trails is 9 miles. No doubt I can do it. As one of my marathon girlfriends says “Beth, we are marathoners we can do anything.” Honestly, I’m most concerned about slowing the whole race wrap up process down, when I come straggling in as the last runner. Hmmmmm….  Thoughts? 

Beth, quickly catching y’all up, thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  One of the fun agenda items for my "off site meeting" tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Beth,

    Do the 1/2! It's gonna be awesome, no matter what the pace/result/place...the price is right, Mike G. puts on a great event, and it's a great way to spend 10 bucks and a couple free hours on a Sunday, eh?

    1. I'm all signed up!! I really do enjoy Mike G's races. And new places to run! Thanks!