Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Defining Runners

Work Boyfriend could see it when I came back from my run.  He said "Oh it was a good one, she's all wild haired, glassy eyes, goofy smiles. It seems like it has been a while you've had a run that good."  GDogg just shook his head as I tossed my gym bag in to its spot and plopped in my chair.  "Ahhh, that was great.  Buckle up boys it could be an interesting afternoon, someones got a touch of the runner's high."  GDogg looked jealously at me and said "Please tell me you made a pit stop at Par 4.  Because it is so wrong to enjoy running THAT much."  (Par 4 is a local watering hole, a whole 3/4 mile from the office)

I have no idea what exactly it was, the tunes came on at the right time.  Yeah yeah, I know I wasn't going to listen to them. The sun was out, and it was warmer than I expected (slightly over dressed, better than under dressed not a big fan of being a Runnercicle!!  Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" came on and I just love the song, the words, the beat, just love it.  I sing this song to the only pair of jeans I kept, it is over we are never ever getting back together.  When I'm feeling fat and depressed I go and put them on, over what ever I am wearing, and watch them fall to the floor and I feel a little better.  Oh, you can hear "Your So Vain" playing in the background too?

"Shut Up and Let Me Go" by The Ting Tings came on at some point.  Hubb always says he'd love to see a guy band, not a fru fru boy band, cover this song.  I agree it could be a lot of fun to see and to sing.  It really is a fun song.  Imagine a group of middle aged guys, rocking out to this?  Epic!!  Guess the fun songs, the 6.5 mile run, the other runners, the sun, and the lack of pain in my hip all were the perfect combination.  I would have run longer, I had things that HAD to be done today, so I headed back to campus.

I posted the Taylor Swift video on my FB page with a couple comments.  The Par 4 reference reminded a running friend of cutting across a couple of fairways at a private golf course praying the toilet was unlocked, the quip at the end was "I felt like a real runner."

This got me thinking about the phrase "real runner" I've probably said that same thing "I felt like a real runner."  You run, your a runner, period.  I've drilled that into my own head and continue drilling it into other's heads.  Sometimes I feel like it is a battle.  The statement was clarified they did, in fact, consider them self a real runner, it was just that they never had any of the bathroom stories or injury sagas of other runners, so they felt more genuine. Aha!  I totally get it!!  Maybe I don't need to go into battle mode when I hear that phrase, eh?

I thought well maybe there are serious runners and not so serious runners.  Serious runners are the ones training to qualify for Boston, or  the Olympics?  But then that puts a lot of  runners out there in some sort of no mans land where they are training to achieve a certain goal versus those some may classify as tourists in races?

Another running friend was so happy to have found some "real runners".  I asked her what she meant and she said, "Nice helpful supportive runners, ones that say hi back or wave back."  Huh, I had never thought of it that way before either.

So then do we have pro runners and amateur runners?  Guess the pros would be have endorsement contracts and the amateurs not?  Not so sure that really works either.

Then I see things like this:

And just land on all runners are special, in their own special way!

Can a runner be defined?  Should a runner be defined?

Beth, a special kind of idiot!

Stats from today's run:

I remember it as sunny, huh.  My splits show someone starting out too fast!

It makes a picture!  


  1. I think it should not be defined. I think that would classify people into groups. We all know that there are faster runners than us and there are slower runners as well. But we all put the same effort into it, whether fast or slow. We run because we enjoy to run. We run. That makes us runners :)

  2. How to define a runner? I'd like to have a simple answer, but I don't. I'm a runner because I passed the "hating it" mode, and truly enjoy it now. I wake up thinking about when I'll get out on the road or trail. I enter races, not because I think I can win, but because of the friends I've made and the cameraderie and spectacle of it all...that makes me a runner. I run in the woods, for miles, alone, and that makes me a runner. So many things come to mind, impossible to pick one?