Saturday, March 16, 2013

Identification / 5K recap / Goals

At the start line for the O'Nantic 5K this a.m. as we were all huddled together trying to stay warm in the 32F ish temperatures.  The gal next to me said "I've never seen one like that before."  All I could think of was the Lady Gaga song "Monster" until it registered she was talking about the RoadID on my shoe.

She showed me the RoadID she wears on her wrist and said the shoe one seemed much less irritating than the one on her right wrist.  (she wore her watch on her left wrist)  I said that I agreed and also pointed out the BandID I had on my watch.  She said "Two seems a bit much."  I said maybe it was over kill however I said "Well if my left hand is severed there is still the one on my right shoe and if my right foot is severed there is the one on my watch."  We both laughed and agreed that running with ID was much safer than running without and she would be looking for one that she could attach to her shoe.

Shortly after that the gun went off and the mad rush and halt once people realized they needed to funnel across the starting mat.  We looked at each other and laughed and both said "Hurry up and stop."  And then we were off.

It was a fast and flat course, very nice!  Along the way I saw a co-worker and his grandkids "Carr!!" I shouted as that is how we greet each other in the hall way "Carr" I say and "Lazor" he says.  He had no idea it was me and just yelled "Hey, YOU."  I'm sure it dawned on him a little later.

Love the maps Hartford Marathon Foundation puts out for their courses:

It was a nice race, 891 runners and walkers.  Very well organized and the course marked with lots of volunteers, YEAH VOLUNTEERS!!

I think I am beginning to hate the 5K race a little less.  I've started reading "Run Less Run Faster" in the last week and looking at my recent 5K times compared to my 1/2 times and my full marathon times I am not pushing myself hard enough and can be much faster than I am in my longer distances.

The prescribed FIRST schedule and workouts will fit in well with my work week and my travel schedule.  I'll give it a 100% effort and see where it lands me.

After the 5K today one of my running buddies and I were talking about the FIRST program and what our BQ times are.  We are the same!  He is definitely a speed demon compared to me  (his 22 minute 5Ks compared to my 28 minute 5Ks)  with a little effort I be we can both get there!!

I hesitated on the concept of run less.  I love to run, just to be out there running along with no determined pace just a general idea of what ground I wanted to cover.  I'll give it a shot.  Marine Corps Marathon is October 27th plenty of time to work on my speed.

Beth, not dreading the 5K race...

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  1. Glad you had a fun race! I have a Road ID shoe pouch - essential to have the ID, and it's also the perfect place to stash my key while running!