Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ocean's Run 1/2 Marathon

Today was the 2nd 1/2 marathon of 2013 for me.  Ocean's Run, flat and fast.  I'll drink to that! I'm not wicked fast and may never be; simply happy to enjoy a nice long run, with my slowly mending hips, in this wonderful state of Rhode Island, on a what turned out to be a beautiful sunny Sunday morning!

TriMom puts on a great race.  This is the 3rd one of theirs I have run and have to say these gals have it locked and loaded on how to put on a race, every thing is easy for the participants from picking up race packages to parking to water stops every mile.  Kudos!!!

The course started from the South Kingstown Town beach and wove through the beach and farm community of Manutuck.  Matunuk was hit pretty hard by Superstorm Sandy.  Yesterday, Lord Giz of the Mo and I went out to Matunuk for a little 'mommy and me' time (enjoying the balmy 52F temps).  Places where there used to be land and homes gave way to make the vast ocean even vaster.  I noticed quite a few for sale signs, I do wish the residents well.

The landscape in the country side is as beautiful as the beach.

Cows!  I'm a country girl at heart and farms make me feel all warm and cozy!

Walden's way.  Oh yes I do believe Thoreau could appreciate these woods.

It was overcast and in the high 20F when I left the house this morning.  By race start it was high 30F and still cloudy, about 30 minutes into the race the sun poked its head out and stayed out.  It was nice to chase my shadow for a portion of the race. The temps never got much above 45F so perfectly pleasant for a race.  The head wind for the last 3 miles was even pleasant!  Yeah, may be time to get back in to therapy?

There were several out and backs in this race.  Normally I am not a huge fan of these, although there was one in the AZ Rn'R marathon and it was nice to see one of my marathon girlfriends so I am beginning to appreciate the beauty of this type of race.  I noticed the front runner, hey wait I recognize him, well wait, he had a woolly beard the last time I saw him, could it be? Hmmm something to ponder.   I was able to give a high 5 to my friend Don on this first out and back, that was super cool!  He is the hare to my tortoise pace, plus it was so cool to actually be able to know one of these fast people! On the second out and back again the front runner, yep, that is him.  How cool!  By the 3rd out and back he was mile 10 to my mile 7.  I clapped and yelled "Go Mike".  As I neared that same mile 10 who did I see with several other top finishers, on their cool down run, Mike.  He clapped and yelled "Go Beth".  I've said before that seeing a familiar face really puts a kick in my step and that was what I needed to get out of my slowing pace.

I finished respectably strong, I started out a little fast, per usual but didn't fall apart.  Quite pleased to see only two splits in the 11 minute range, my intention was a 10:30 pace.  I stayed pretty close!!  Now to work that back to  a 9:05 pace to meet my goal of a sub 2:00:00 1/2.  (my PR is 2:09:00)  Good to have goals.

Great race, definitely one for the books for next year.

Post race I was able to congratulate Mike, so impressive.  Meet up with my buddy Don and his wife, thanks for taking the picture Suzan!  And formally met one of the guys I've run trail races with (Hi Michael nice race!).  Nice to start putting names to the familiar faces in this running world; I am starting to feel like I belong!

Beth, enjoyed running in Rhode Island and now is contemplating a nap!


  1. Congrats on your race! Welcome to "the world". :)

    1. Thanks, really! Congrats on your PR!!! Woo hoo!!!

  2. Beth,

    Great to meet you! Great day for a race, and yes, Mike did have a big, burly beard the last time you saw him...I had a really good time there, and nice write-up! That course follows part of the Run4Kerri course, so it was nice to hit some back country roads. Hope to see you again soon!

    1. Michael - Thanks!! Great to meet you too! That was a really nice race and the day could not have been better. Hope to see you too, please poke me or something I am terrible with faces the first couple times!!! Big River is looking good.