Monday, March 4, 2013

This and That

Today I logged 4 miles!  4 PAIN FREE miles!  I do believe I am on the off cycle for injuries, touch wood it stays that way.  After the Brutal Tough as Nails race it wasn't until the Friday after I felt comfortable running again.  I mustered up the courage and ran on Friday, it felt good to be out.  My left hip was sore and tender and I took it easy.  I iced after my run, ice is my friend.  I have several ice methods in the freezer at work.  A bottle for my foot frozen veggies for my back and a small actual ice pack I can discretely put on my knee.

Small digression, I have the same icing systems at home.  My Brother In Law was over several years ago and was doing a little cooking.  He mentioned that I may want to try another brand of peas as the ones he used in some stir fried rice for his kids didn't taste quite right.  I grimaced and said he used my ice pack.  Well that explained everything.  From that point forward I have kept my ice paks in a plastic bag, to distinguish them from other frozen vegetables.  I probably should write 'Ice Pack Don't Eat' on them, because someone may not realize that these are special?  Um, yeah, I'll put that on the 'to do list'...  so if you are in my freezer or really anyone's and you see frozen veggies in a plastic bag, you may want to ask first.

Ask first, there may be a reason these are in a special bag!!

And back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I went to yoga. It wasn't the usual detox with Heidi, new instructor and a vinyasa class.  I hemmed and hawed about going; Hubb and he said he could offer me no opinion, to do what I wanted.  I went.  Me and one other student and the instructor.  10 minutes in I could tell this was a bad idea.  The thought of leaving did cross my mind.  But it was a new instructor and I hate hurting people's feelings so I muscled through and paid for it dearly.

Hubb was out for the night with his buddies and I was in full pain management mode by the time he got home.  A few Advil, my trusty ice packs on and off every 20 minutes, and an impressive dent in a freshly opened bottle of Jack Daniels.  I wasn't feeling much pain when he arrived home.  The things that man puts up with.

Doubtful anything but the ice and perhaps the Advil helped.  I woke up with a little of the Irish Flu and a hip not so happy with me. Fortunately we didn't have much to do but visit the Hubb's parents and that involved a nice long ride in the car with heated seats and that was lovely.  By Sunday afternoon things had worked themselves out and we took a nice 2 mile walk on the beach with the dogs.

So that gets us back to my 4 mile run today!  Also took the Monday night TRX class and am feeling wonderful.  I know the hip thing has to do with my SI joint and this being the second time I've encountered this I am seeing a Sports Med Physical Therapist on Friday.  I imagine he will help kick me in the butt and I'll get religion on stretching and foam rolling...

Beth, a little less injured than this time last week!

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