Sunday, March 24, 2013

Leprechaun 5 Miler

I am a fairly bashful person who observes the world with great wonder and excitement.   Running has helped quell a bit of this bashfulness, we are all in this together lined up in the start chute, battling it out in the finish chute, cheering on other runners on an out and back course, I feel a sense of belonging.  I also get a little goofy after races, sort of like a couple Jack and Diets in to the night goofy, and have been known to talk to strangers.

Yeah yeah get to the point...

During the Leprechaun 5 Miler I was sure I had seen Syracuse, so hey, if that was you, how the hell are you? You owe me a race and I'll be stalking you soon. Then I was nearly certain I had seen an old boss, it certainly looked like him although the woman he was running with didn't look like his wife, hmm, then I thought, wait do either of them run?   After the race, making my way to the water I stopped and had a conversation with someone who I was certain was a former co-worker. I asked how the job was treating him and if he liked the new company,   how was his time, then he said to his son (wait, son, he has a daughter) tell her your time.  The son proudly said 42 minutes and we clinked water bottles.  I wished them well and wandered off to get a banana. Wow, that guy must think I am some weirdo, he wasn't who I thought he was.   After finishing my banana and finding a garbage can, I saw a couple guys trying to take their pictures with the Long Island Sound in the background.  I knew I didn't know them, but hey they needed some help and I know I've asked plenty of people to take my picture after a race.  I managed NOT to not take a picture of my own face, love the iPhone for that flip the camera around feature, but whoa  not expecting to see my freckled forehead!  They were pleased to have some help.

The race was held in Madison CT on the water, beautiful place for a race.  It was and out and back (I'm starting to like these) beautifully sunny, and a bit of wind from the west, so yeah, finishing into a wind.  There was a woman with a double stroller running about the same pace as me.  OK, a little faster...  I am amazed by these women.  More power to you!!

Out and back along the Long Island Sound

Very nice running weather!
The race was well organized with plenty of volunteers.  I was going to try the Water Stop Pro Guidelines at the water stop but they had hard plastic cups not paper cups, so oh well.  I slowed down and gulped and ran on my way.    Nice race, one I will be on the look out for next year.  I finished at 48:45.  The Garmin didn't start right at the start.  I was pleased that my pacing was pretty steady all but mile 4.  Huh...  musta been the head wind?  HA!!

And something completely off point, but makes me laugh and maybe I can tie into the talking to strangers theme?  Hubb came home from his Friday afternoon ride with a story about a girl he has seen on the trail a couple times. She was extremely serious and focused the last time he saw her. There was a race on the trail this a.m. and she must have been getting in some extra practice on Friday?  Anyhow, Hubb and his buddy saw her, then she got in her car and moved it a few rows away, and then got back in the car blasting music and parked near them again.  She was fiddling with something on her bike and eventually came over and said "Hey, like I don't usually like ask dudes for help or anything.  My pedal is stuck."  Hubb said he looked over at his buddy and said "Dude, I think you are the Dude in this situation." and winked at his buddy.    I think he was still a little ticked over getting a strawberry and banana GU in trade for a Honey Stinger Waffle, two things he can't stand in a texture he isn't a big fan of.

Hubb asked if I ever ask for help.  When it comes to porta pottys, buses, and water I tend to not be so shy.  He said, "Well duh, but what about equipment issues?"   I looked at him and said, "Hon, if I can't tie or untie my shoes I have no business running."

Beth, talking to strangers

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