Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wrestling and Pondering

The Shamrock Shuffle in North Kingstown, RI was great.  Still not the beautiful 50F(antastic for running) temperature of last weekends Ocean's Run.  32F temps are ok it was the 22F (reezing) windchill at the start of the race that was not so ok.

Yeah, yeah, it is March, what are ya gonna do.  We were so spoiled last year, on this day, it was 48F for race start and 50F for race end.  One never knows what March is going to hold.  Winter is overstaying its welcome and spring is still off in the distance.

I ran a bit slower this 5K from the O'Niatic race yesterday.  Tired legs, many hours spent staining woodwork, one more slice of pizza than I should have, and who knows.  I could have pushed myself a bit harder.  This was a flat course and I need to learn to not rely on the hills to pick up my pace.

What is interesting is comparing the two races.  Similar amount of elevation gain 44 for O'Niantic and 48 for the Shamrock Shuffle.  O'Niantic was an out and back and Shamrock Shuffle was not.

O'Niantic Splits.  My official time was 28:46, I forgot to stop the Garmin... whoopsie!! So based on my official time my last split would have been 0:35 ???  oh here we go with math again...

Shamrock Shuffle Splits.  My official time was 29:19, I have no idea where the extra 7 seconds came from, I started the Garmin before I crossed the mat and after I crossed the mat, who knows, gremlins?
But really they are so similar, there is a difference of 44 seconds in there some where.  Huh...

Then check out the pace charts:


Shamrock Shuffle

Fascinating.  I held a very steady pace for the O'Niantic, in fact if you would have asked me I would have said I ran pretty smoothly.  My Shamrock Shuffle was all over the place, holy cow!  Maybe I spent to much energy speeding up and slowing down and that caused the 44 second deficit?

This is all rather curious... something to ponder... electronic gremlins?  Thoughts?  Anyone?  Buller?

Anyhoodles, on to the important stuff!!!  I met some other women runners!  YEAH!!  Nice gals, hung out with them for the free beer at a local pub.  We even had our picture posted to the race's Facebook Page! Glad to get to know some other women runners, finally!  Looking forward to hearing about their races and running again with them in more local races!

Cute aren't we?

Hubb went out for a bike ride in the afternoon and I thought about going out and running the course he bikes and meeting up with him at some point.  He bikes it clock-stupid and I run it clock-wise.  While it would have been nice to see hubb's smiling face and to surprise him.  I opted to knit (those babys keep coming and those sweaters aren't going to knit themselves) and then take a nap.  The nap was heaven, absolute heaven, the eldest member of the pack was all for this curling up and snoring in my ear, oh Gizzy, you are a trip.  I was out for nearly two hours.  The youngest member of the pack and I haven't had our weekend morning wrestling matches in a few weeks, all this business of me getting up early to go out and race or run or brunch with girlfriends is really not his idea of how to celebrate the weekend!

He took this opportunity to nuzzle me and be his cute flip floppy self.  We had a good 20 minutes of wrestling and I managed to NOT get another black eye.  He is a spaz, you'll have that with 2 year old boxers.
Jax who has endless energy!

Beth, curious about this whole splits discrepancy and happy to have met some women runners!


  1. Ok, first, I totally laughed out loud at you say clock-stupid! Just awesome.

    Again, so great meeting you and look forward to seeing you again. Glad you had a good time.

    I am clearly not the one to ask about the discrepancy, good luck with that. LOL

    1. Great to meet you and I should have tagged your blog! Sorry!!! One of my uncles says clock-stupid and I just love it. Keep me posted on your next race and I'll do the same plus we should plan to meet up for a Thursday run with the NRA.

    2. Yes, we have to do one of those Thursday runs. Michelle said in April they change locations and thought that would be a good time for us to check it out. That really works for me as my miles will be up and won't feel like I need to keep up when I can't. My hubs does not have an April schedule yet, but as soon as he does, I will let you know which Thursdays will work and we can go from there. How does that work for you?

  2. BLS it's all in the distance differential (3.11 vs 3.15). So many ways that can happen... cutting inside corners (smart running!) in one race; running outside (longer) corners in the other. And then there's those Garmin gremlins... just tacking on extra km's for no known reason. And everything in between. Go to Cool Running's pace calculator and punch in the 2 distances rather than select "5K" and voila.

    1. Or... the timing company posted gun time instead of net time? Hey... pay no attention to the man behind the curtain ;-) Great job this weekend!

    2. Thanks Don!!! It was net time. The bib wasn't chipped. DOH!!! After so many fancy 5Ks with chips I am getting spoiled. I'll take my 9:12 to the bank then. 35 seconds off from Sats race isn't so horrible and I won't roll this around in my mind and obsess over it like it is Watergate's missing 18 minutes!

      I can totally accept the 3.11 vs 3.15 I know I wasn't cutting corners like I could have on Sun, so that doesn't bug me.