Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Theme of 3

Bounced out of the house on time this morning, surprisingly perky after being visited by Mr. 3 a.m. insomnia for 90 minutes.  I keep trying to break up with him, yet he won't let me go.  Alas, what is a girl to do?

I arrived at work and for some reason I was compelled to check the shoe compartment on my gym bag.  There were shoes in there alrighty, the shoes I wore to work yesterday.  I completely forgot to repack the running shoes when I got home from TRX, unloaded the bag of the stinky clothes and the work clothes and reloaded with extra socks and bras because, well THOSE are what I generally forget.  So there you have it 3 bras, 3 pairs of socks, several shirts a couple skirts a pair of tights and no shoes.  Well shit.  Guess who ran in the dark tonight?  Moi.  And since 3 seemed to be the theme, I'll run three miles!

I did have a couple tanks in then gym bag, so at least I was prepared for my chair massage!  I snagged that out of the bag and stuffed it in my purse and off I went, feeling rather light not lugging my bag.

Ah, Tuesdays, chair massage day with Amy of the pointy elbows.  We caught up on the Tough as Nails run and me figuring out how to get my SI joint realigned and vanquish the pain.  She said "Beth, how did you figure that out?"  When I told her what I was doing to relieve the pressure.  I said "You Tube, I found a video."  She laughed and said "You are something alrighty."  Puffy heart her!!!   My back is nice and tenderized from her pointy elbows and my neck is a few millimeters longer.  Ahhh....

Hubb called to tell me he was going out for an evening trail ride on the bike and to remember to pick up salad and coffee at the warehouse club.

When I arrived home, the young pups were in their crates and I felt so horrible just saying HI and dashing upstairs to change in to my running gear (complete with a reflective vest!) to get 3 hilly miles in.  They do this incredibly cute thing of spinning around clockwise in their crate and then downward dog all in unison.  They did their routine and looked at me as I was heading out the door with this "Really?" look on their faces.  The elder dog just whined because he thought he was going somewhere.  I said I'd be back in less than 30 minutes and it would be dinner time when I got back.

Quick three miles. Starting to get some of my speed back!

My time is getting there.  Really what I liked was the representation of my Orangie and Taig heritage.
Not quite in the right order, the flag of  Ireland is the green white orange order. 


I love this course!

Worked with the hills, just have to push harder on the mile 2 up!
Beth, who should probably find some theme of three to go with the third month of the year

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