Saturday, March 30, 2013

That was fun!

Big River, trail half marathon with a 10K option, 11 a.m. final race in Off Rhode Racing South County Fourth Season Race Series.

Friday I was released from PT, the hips may never fully align, close enough works in this case.  I have plenty of strengthening and stretching exercises to do and the pain is mostly non-existent.  I'm good with that.  This made the prospect of this morning's trail race even more appealing.  Trail running is easier because it is softer and I generally go at a slower pace navigating the roots, rocks and hills; frankly I really enjoy being in the woods.

Saw two people I knew by more than just facial recognition!  So nice to have familiar friendly faces.  Met E's husband, P, they were doing the 10K. She is just starting out running and 10K is her furthest distance thus far.  We run at a comparable pace hopefully we can run some of the local trails in the near future.  Michael of Forward Momentum was there with his always encouraging words, thanks!! Hoping that you had a much more successful run!  Other faces I recognized but had no names for, so HI!

Mike Galoob, Race Director, introduced the course and mentioned that they did the best they could with marking and if you got lost track back to the trail, failing that just keep going down hill eventually you will hit Carr Pond and follow that till you find more orange flags.  If you are even more lost than that, well he really wasn't sure what advice to offer.  Giggle...

E and I ran pretty much the same pace for the first 3 miles where the 1/2 split from the 10K.  We wished each other well.  Me thinking, bloody hell I'm going to be out here for three hours at this pace...  well, it is what it is and damn this is so beautiful out here and it is a fantabulous day too.  Totally game for spending it in the woods.

I was doing just fine, passed the water station just after mile 4, passed mile marker 5.  Climbed up a nice rocky area and that is when I noticed I didn't see any orange flags.  I stopped for a little bit and looked around.  I went right, this is where I went wrong.  Eventually finding Carr Pond, and some orange markers, again another right turn.  Figured I missed a turn somewhere on that hill?  Then there were runners coming at me.  Huh... they said, "Turn around" so I did.  Trotted along and then saw some more orange flags and a mile marker.  Mile marker 4.  Huh...  Wait Mike said something about the 10K following the path around Carr pond.  Wonder if I've managed to find that trail.  Do I turn around and figure out where the 1/2 trail is or just keep going.  Considering it took me nearly an hour to get to mile marker 5, maybe this is a sign from above?  My guardian angel Eve?  My left calf said, "If you turn around I swear I am going to make you scream."  Hmmm...  Kind of a compelling argument, no?

Where it all went amiss:

Thankfully I am not the only one who got lost, some tried to find the trail, never making it to Carr Pond but finding the "10K return" signs and followed them to the finish line. I hung around at the end for about 15 minutes.  Looked like who ever was going to be done was done?

I can't stop laughing.  I giggled most of the way home.  Hubb was amused by my story; suggested he go with me next time and he can bike and I can run.  Seems fair enough.  But I'll keep the car keys, just in case!

Of course I took a hike back in to the trail to snap a few pictures.  This trail really is beautiful and had a few things that made me wonder.  I passed the time making up stories about things I saw.

Maybe this is where Jimmy Hoffa ended up?  I'm a Michigan, Motor City transplant, nuff said!

Was the rock split before the tree or did the tree split it?

And how fast is fast enough?

The sign says:  "You need to go MUCH faster than you THINK!!!"
Beth, just makin' it up as she goes along.


  1. Looked fun! Nice pics but I am pretty sure Hoffa is buried under section 107 of the New York Giants stadium in NJ. LOL

    1. Nahhh there is a parking lot in Hamtramck they haven't excavated yet!! Always holding out hope!!

  2. Beth!!! Great to see you there, and the same thing happened to me, in the same spot! I ended up in a group of seven lost souls who trekked to the 10K turnoff, and I crossed the line at exactly 9 miles :), but a great day out there, so I was happy to be a part of it!

    1. It was awesome! I will be back there to do more exploring, so gorgeous!! Absolutely, glad I attempted the 1/2, and my calf and I are back on speaking terms, pshew!