Thursday, April 18, 2013

Group Run

Today fellow blogger and runner Nicole and I joined the Thursday night run with the NRA.  No not that NRA, the Narragansett Running Association, silly.

The last time I ran with another person was with the Hare to my Tortoise pace, the supportive and ever awesome Don way back in July last year.  The forces converged and I found someone who runs my pace who also wanted to join these group runs and this running club.  Woot!!

Having met several people at the dinner before the Gansett Marathon and while volunteering and committing that I and a friend were going to join the group run on the 18th, was a good idea!  It was nice to see familiar faces, that always puts me at ease, and they were happy to see we were participating!!  Mostly what put me at ease was seeing Nicole's bright yellow vehicle!!!

A note reminding the group that the group runs were back at the beach, per tradition, post Boston Marathon and that one of the women runners was bringing spare Boston Marathon shirts for anyone who didn't have one so we could run for Boston.  That was super sweet.  Nicole and I both put on the Marathon shirts over what we had on.  The two new people were introduced and the process explained.  Run for an hour, so what ever that works for you with miles.  For us 5 miles seemed reasonable.  Dave and Jim ran with us.  Jim only for a mile as he had participated in the pre-run for 8 miles and only wanted to run 10 tonight.  Have to say it was awesomely impressive to see a group of 6 runners running towards the meeting point all wearing Boston Marathon shirts.  These are the moments I wish I had my phone with me to snap a picture.

The faster runners took off at their pace and the four of us hung back, which is fine.  Dave explained that he runs generally in the middle and would hang back with us till the cut off for our 5 mile loop as he was doing 6 or so.  When we realized Jim had cut out and Nicole was alone, we stopped and waited for her.

For some reason my potty mouth was in full force.

Slight digression... I was able to catch a train out of Grand Central with my pal E  for a much needed therapy session.  She explained this as just my agitation over the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  She is a former runner, her knees took her out of the race.  Her mother in her 80s still runs. The two of them have been discussing this and was it about marathoners?  No I don't think it was, neither did E, her mom did.  It is nice to say what I needed to say about how I was feeling.  She said someone stopped her mid sentence and said "When did you start swearing?"  she realized that this was just her angst over the bombs in Boston.  Probably me to, but then my language has always been a bit on the saucy side, just not usually with people I don't know well...

When we got all regrouped with Nicole I told the story of a group ride hubb led where he left someone behind.  The biker did understand the rule of three.  After the third time you say, don't wait, go ahead, you get left behind.  I think that is a fine rule.  Hubb has had to drop back on group rides and he says it is a tough on both sides, knowing you can't keep up and don't want to hold people back and knowing the person is struggling to keep up and knowing you don't want to leave them.  When hubb told the story I did actually call him a jerk for leaving a biker behind and then when he told me it was a girl I called him prick for leaving her behind.  I think the story is funny. I'll need to be more mindful of my language!!!

What I noticed was how people described their runs, the NRA runners, like Don, describe them in pace per mile.  I describe them in total time to complete.  The pieces of this puzzle started to fall together when Nicole and I were running and talking about the Newport 10 Miler next Sunday.  She wanted to know what I was aiming for, and we both speak total time.  I figure I want to be under a 10 minute pace so 100 minutes and I take 5 minutes off for some arbitrary reason so came up with 95 minutes.  I have to go to a pace calculator to figure out what actual pace that is that I need to aim for (9:30).  Think I am beginning to get the connection between talking pace rather than time, because if you don't know what pace you need to maintain how are you going to finish with in the specified time.  That and the horror of doing math in your head!!

We ran a respectable 5 miles in 52 minutes (or a 10:24 pace)!!  Chatting the entire time!!!

Arriving home Hubb asked how it was I smiled and said "Awesome, can't wait for the next one!"

Beth who thinks she may be a joiner

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