Friday, April 26, 2013

Home again...

"Running can be anything you need it to be, big or small. It can help you beat addiction or disease. It can burn off five or ten or fifty pounds and change your life. Or in the time it takes to watch a few YouTube clips, it can clear the cobwebs in your head, give you a shot of endorphins, and salvage a forgettable day." -- David Willey, Editor-in-chief, Runner's World

I saw the above quote on Facebook last night, I can't remember who posted it.  The picture linked back to jessicaalrabbit Instagram site.  I should credit who I horked it from, and will be more careful in the future.  BECAUSE it makes me nuts when there isn't a credit given to the 'author' of the quote.  I searched  the interwebs for the quote and came up with David Willey as the 'author'.  OK I'm satisfied.

This struck me as a great quote, my running buddy and I had crazy weeks, I woke up in a different state every morning this week and she had house guests for the last 10 days.  Even though both have their fun and enjoy able attributes, deviation from normal throws a person off.    Plus, neither of us had run since our Sunday long runs and were feeling the need, desperately, to run.

Last night was the group run in Narragansett.  Met some more new folks and one familiar face, or rather POOF of curly black hair from trail runs and cheering him on during the Gansett Marathon, I was happy to formally meet.   It was also so nice for both Nicole and I to be recognized, we were told this was a great group of people and they are!  Of course once the run started, they all took off like bats out of hell and we ambled along at our pace never lacking for a subject to discuss!  The nice part is everyone runs for about and hour and we all meet back up at the starting point to chit chat and stretch.  Eventually the runs will start and end at the beach. The Narraganset beach is in great shape, all they have left to do is resurface the parking lot.

Parking lot post Sandy.  The sand has been returned and the lot ready for resurfacing!

Our local beach still looks like a war zone.  

Our local beach, days post Sandy - there used to be dunes and you couldn't see the ocean from the parking lot.

Earlier in April - parking lot and dunes are back!  Still some repairs needed to the pavilion!

One of the guys mentioned that everyone tends to end up IN the water after the run.  His sentiment was you are running along the shore miserably hot and just can't wait to dive into that water.  Good to know. Someone is really going to have to get over her water intimidation!

On tap for the weekend:  Saturday is the Color Me Rad 5K in Hartford, for one of my friends this is her first 5K.  Have to admit it seems pretty freaking cool, good choice!!  Sunday is the Newport 10 Miler, hope to see a few familiar faces in Newport!   Maybe a trail run, but more likely a trail ride.  Hubb got my aged mountain bike all fixed up and ready to go.  His comment "You are going to need a new bike" wasn't followed by, and your birthday is in a few weeks, so huh...

Whats on tap for your weekend?

Beth, happy to be running and maybe biking and to be home!


  1. Good luck this weekend!!! And tell your friend good luck and welcome to the racing addiction, she'll love it :)

    1. Thanks! And to you!!! 50K and a 5K, that is some kinda crazy I admire and hope to be!!