Sunday, April 7, 2013

Race Recap

Jamestown Bridge was fun. Trimom really does put on a good race!  Kudos! Nothing is left to chance.  The Trimom folks are always keeping the athletes informed with pre race information.  Bib pick up is quick and easy.  Race day arrival and bag drop (and pick up) seamless.  Seriously excellent preparation and execution!

The race starts with a down hill (the on ramp to Rte 138), then the first climb to the top of the bridge, a little circle bringing you to the first water stop (the water stop pro guidelines were totally on the money!) I was looking forward to the "Last Chance Water Stop" where I'd see Running While Mommy's smiling face.  Of course having never seen her in regular clothes it took me a minute to recognize her!!!  Then it was up the on ramp back on Rte 138 for the second climb.  I climbed with another runner.  I was watching as he kept running backwards then forwards.  After he asked me how much further and I panicked (I couldn't subtract 6.2 from 4.5 - remember the I'm not so good with math in my head post?) and the subsequent math lesson straightened out (it was 1.5 miles by that time) I asked why he kept running backwards.  It was to give himself a bit of a break, he wasn't really trained for 6.2 miles and his shins were bothering him and running backwards was better than walking.  I laughed and said, I'd either end up on my ass or in the Narraganset Bay.  So we ran to the top of the hill together and he slowed down to run backwards for a bit and I coasted down the hill.  Knowing that there was one more hill to climb before the finish.  Passing mile marker 5, looking at my watch, I was nearly tracking to meet my goal of one hour for the race if I managed to keep a steady pace for the climb. I finished at 1:02.

After getting home and looking at last years results, 1:00, and spending 10 minutes beating myself about the head and neck over two minutes.  Insane much?  And then whining to a couple of running buddies, one who is coming back from an injury where she has to start from ground zero and another one who just signed up for her first 1/2.  Unfeeling much?  I decided to set the emotion aside and looking at this logically.   What are the possible variables?  Hmm let's see:  training, weather, other runners.  Last year (consulting the training log) I was seriously training for a 1/2 marathon in May, not just running races for the shirt or the fun of it.  The weather was warmer and I don't remember having such a headwind to the up hill finish.  Lastly, I wasn't chit chatting with a Mr. Runs Backwards, totally ok, talking and running is a good thing!  Net net, I was in a different place this time last year. You know what, I finished the race happy with a big smile on my face, my buddy Don and his Wife said I looked good and happy, at the end of the day that is what counts, right?

It is a fun race, the view over the bridge is amazing and it is such a freeing feeling to be up high and over the water.

2012 race photo.  Still smiling!

Beth, enjoying a little post race euphoria, and maybe later a little whiskey.


  1. Sounds like an awesome race. This is not that far from where I live. Will have to put this on my list of races for next year.

    Enjoy your whiskey!

    1. Jose - it is a nice race! And I did enjoy my whiskey!

  2. Beth it was awesome today! You did a fantastic job and next year, I will be running it with you instead of handing out water. Which, by the way, was awesome! I would do it again for sure!