Saturday, April 6, 2013


Jamestown Bridge 10K is tomorrow.  Usually I take a picture of the bib and the shirt and post it to my FB page.  I contemplated not doing that tonight.  As I showed the shirt to Hubb he asked, "Why don't you wear that shirt to the race?"  I said "Because it is bad luck."

Then I wondered if my shirt/bib ritual was one of these rituals that if I break it I'll have a bad race?  So I quick took a picture of the shirt and the bib and posted with my usual "Tomorrow's fun" caption.  Then  wondered well what is a bad race?   Have I had a bad race?  There is no threat of me actually winning a race or my age group, I've been DFL and DQ, run in the pouring rain (Girls on The Run) so really what is a bad race?    Maybe a race ending with injury? Finishing Tough As Nails 1/2 marathon with the SI joint issues at mile 10? It wasn't a bad race, I finished, in screaming pain, but I finished.  That injury wasn't due to bad luck it was a result of not dealing with the problem when it first happened pre Marine Corps Marathon. Maybe a DNF is a bad race?  For me, yeah, that might be a bad race.  Fingers crossed I won't regret saying this "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it."

Do you have any pre or post race or run rituals?

Beth, slightly superstitious


  1. Pre race ritual? - Not sleep the night before :)

  2. Post-race, write the date, place, and finishing time on the back of the bib, and file in chronological order...obsess much?

    1. Get out of my head!! Although I write mine on the front of the bib...