Saturday, April 27, 2013

Color Me Rad 5K - Recap

As it usually starts, Hubb is out with the guys on a Friday night, I'm home, drinking, either catching up on Blue Bloods or knitting and yes, of course, Facebooking.  Someone suggests a race or I find a race and with a little arm twisting, ok not really, I sign up. I can't even remember how many months ago this was...  Karen has just started getting in shape and walking on the treadmill and wanted to have a goal of a 5K.  She invited me to this event "Color Me Rad 5K Hartford"  Huh, usually my invites from Karen involve drinking, why sure, I like running even more than I like drinking and too cool to be involved with her first 5K.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon and I am out running errands and off to pick up my bib and shirt in Hartford, I get a message from Karen's cousin Tuesday, I have your bib.  I message back, I was just on my way to Hartford thanks for saving me the trip.  I give her my cell number so the group can meet up in the morning and decide that it is time I took a drive around the Colchester Tough as Nails 1/2 Marathon course.  When I wasn't ready to cry in pain from my SI Joint dysfunction I remember it as being beautiful, well yes hilly, but beautiful, even in the raw ugly month of February.  Yesterday, it was even more so!

I need to plan a morning to run that all on my own...

Karen messaged me later in the day things in her house were a logistical nightmare and they were down to one car so she had to beg off.  I was a little bummed but not going to miss this event, sounded like fun.  Next time friend!!

I get up to Hartford, with the directions to Rentschler Field the Color Me Rad website suggested, actually pretty good, except for trying to get into the parking lot, you had to approach from a different direction.  There was no way we were going to be able to turn right into the parking lot (IKR, really weird).  The mini van behind me, turned around and went into the Cabella's parking lot. I followed, figuring we must be headed to the same place, right?  Well we were and parked way in the back of the lot nearest the stadium and all the chaos.  Now to meet up with Tuesday, and the rest of the gang.  She called at some point and said they were waiting in line to get into the parking lot, and to meet by the red shack to the left of the field. I said ok and just wandered around among this sea of people in white cotton t-shirts, white tu-tus, white hats, feeling a little odd with my blue cap and non cotton white shirt and gray shorts and spied what must be this red shack, and it was to the left of the stadium.  Fortunately we were facing the same direction, coming at it from a different angle it could be on the right!  The group of 8 convened and we went off to find the starting corral.

You really can't call this a race, it isn't set up like one, it is an event, and because of this I think a perfect way to experience your first 5K or have a fun outing with the kids.  Seriously, you should not be be out there to PR or race this, you should be out there to get as much damn color on you as possible and have a good time.  See getting all messy, what a great thing for kids, right???  There was even a bridal party.  What an awesome bachelor/bachelorette party!!   Although I will always hold firm that mine was the ultimate, me and my maid of honor going to Napa Valley for a week of wine tasting to pick out the sparkling wine for my wedding.  Then again, I am a little biased...  Anyhoodles...

Sweating it for the Bride

It was a sea of white at the starting line. and the color bombs started flying as we waited!

A sea of white cotton.

So I mentioned that people wore cotton.  After the race I understand why this is important!  My 'run for beer' tech-t did a good job with the dry powder and being colorful, once I started sweating and getting sprayed with liquid color, it did what a tech-t is supposed to do and wick it, spread it around so the moisture releases.  Didn't make for a very pretty finished shirt.

This guy was so ready to take off and run across the finish line!

I did get to run with someone for their first 5K they ran.  Pam, who was introduced to me as Peanut Butter, and Queen Smart Ass, here, so desperately wanted to say "And which one of you is Jelly?" but wasn't exactly sure of my audience as I had just met these 7 people!!!  Nothing like getting started on the wrong foot...  A few hundred yard past the starting line, I looked over and there was Pam we continued to run together, only stopping when we had to for one of the color bombings and to get a bottle of water.  The rest of the time we talked and ran along.  I did make the mistake of asking "Are you a runner?"  She had sized me up as a runner and stumbled with the question.  I rephrased, and will always remember to ask it this way:  "Do you run?"  She then relaxed and went on to explain that she runs a bit and walks a bit and commented it looked like I was a runner.  I never got a change to say:  "If you run, you are a runner."  so Pam, you ARE a runner, next time anyone asks you that question and BTW you look like you are a runner, so neener neener foo foo!!

Beth and Pam!  See that smile, she's got the bug!!

The course was interesting.  For some reason we both thought it wound around the streets.  But really how could it with all these color bombing stations going on.  It was a loopy course around Rentschler Field, and just when you thought this turn was the last one and the finish, you snaked around AGAIN!  That really did make it fun.

All in all this was a great experience, I am terribly bummed it didn't work out for Karen and positively thrilled I could run a race with someone very new to racing, this was the first 5K Pam ran from start to finish.  Michael, I think she may be hooked, I saw that little gleem in her eye as I pushed her to go faster as we neared the finish line!!   Muwahaaaaaa!!!  It wasn't a timed race, and I didn't wear my watch or set my Map My Run up.  I'd estimate we finished in about 35 minutes, not too hard, and not any lolly gaggling around, for sure!

And at the end it was a sea of color.

Beth, enjoying encouraging new runners!

PS the color is dyed corn starch and comes off of skin really easily.  I'm not so sure on the tech-t or the socks yet, but who knows.  I'm just happy to not look like a badly dyed easter egg!


  1. Great write-up!!! Looks like a lot of fun there, and everyone could use a little extra color! It's spring, right?

  2. Those races look like fun. Will have do one myself soon :)