Monday, April 15, 2013


I remember sitting in a hotel restaurant the morning I read about a school shooting, in the mid 1990's.  I remember walking through the lobby of a hotel on 9/11 glancing at the TV watching an airplane crash into a building.  Today after checking my text messages, post afternoon run, expecting to see the finish time of a friend running Boston and didn't well the locker room is in the basement, maybe texts didn't come through.  As I walked back to my desk, I glanced at FB there was a weird post on my wall "WHERE ARE YOU?" then a follow up comment of  "I am having heart palpitations...please...has someone spoken to Beth?" to which I responded with a flip "Why?  I'm at boring work" and then scrolled through my news feed realizing something was wrong, something was seriously wrong and it was serious.  I quickly posted a "Holy Fuck.  Now I see why.  I'm fine and thank you xoxo"

Then I went into an immediate panic over a virtual friend who was at 40K at 2:42 p.m. and the bombs went off around 2:45.  I've gotten attached to this inspiring runner.  Yes, you...  and no not in some crazy stalker way in a you inspire me way. The other two runners I was tracking had crossed the finish at 1:27 and 1:55 (and are fine).  Awesome job!!

Then the stream of messages and texts called.  Holy fuck... people give a shit about me and holy fuck they think I am fast enough to qualify for Boston.  Well, I guess I better get serious about speeding up!

I am a little unsettled by the whole thing, in a slightly teary slightly angry frame of mind. I was also glad to be in familiar surroundings this afternoon.

Beth, wishing all peace and praying for those who lost life or limb and who got the shit scared out of them.

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