Sunday, April 28, 2013

Newport 10 Miler - Recap

Again, can't recall what, other than the thought of running in beautiful Newport, prompted me to sign up for the Newport 10 Miler wayyyy back in January.  Must have been running in beautiful Newport?  The United Healthcare Newport Half Marathon  was so beautiful, even though it wasn't the most perfect weather day, wicked windy and not much sun.  Newport is just an awesome place to run!

Running buddy Nicole had signed up for this 10 Miler with designs on a PR, which she then tacked on being  no more than 10 minutes behind me. She lamented blogging about getting a PR and hoping she hadn't jinxed herself.  Well, she killed both goals with a 1:45 (12 minutes off her Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler and 4 minutes behind me) way go Nicole, very proud of you!!  I also PRd at 1:41 (4 minutes off my Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler, and a minute over my expected finish of 1:40).  Fellow NRA runner Jen was also in the PRing pack with her own PR of 1:15, Woo hoo!!  This was the first time I met Jen, a very accomplished runner, hope to get to know her better! HI JEN!!

Last night Nicole sent out a message asking if the three of us wanted to carpool.  Sure, I'm all in for that, it is SO difficult to find people in crowds anyhow, at least we would all be together.   The plan was to meet 6:40 - 6:45 a.m. in the park and ride.  All three of us were there by 6:35.  I, a chronically early person, TOTALLY digs other chronically early people!  This was boding well for the day.  We piled in Vinnie and off we went for this inaugural race in Newport.

It was a little chilly at the start, we had on warmer clothes, arm warmers (that were once knee socks, Nicole's matched her outfit perfectly, me not so much) and a bag to check it all in.  I'm slowly getting the hang of this bag check.  Unfortunately I forgot to tape my bib number to the bag, but they had a marker, solved that problem!  Despite the slight chill it was going to be an absolutely gorgeous day.

Very different start to this race than yesterday's Color Me Rad.  Lots of colorful shirts, predominantly Boston blue, yellow, and orange.  And a couple flags.  

He ran the whole race with the flag draped around him.  I kept him in my sights pretty much the whole race!

The race started with a cannon shot after a moment of silence for Boston.  We were given black ribbons to wear during the race.  I pinned mine to my bib so I will always have it with my bib.  What a nice touch.

The Bib Number holds a bit of significance for me, my birthday with a mumble for the finish!!
The course wound its way around Ocean Drive, along Bellevue Avenue with the mansions and rural scenery complete with stone fences and animals!  Nifty video of the start, sort of reminds me of turning on the light and hearing the cockroaches skittering across the linoleum in my apartment in grad school, otherwise cool to see the string of 1,500 runners!

I spied coach Julia from Team Lung Love, running up the left side and quickly tapped her on the shoulder to give her a quick hello!  Awesome runner, she ran Boston last year, in the heat, an absolute inspiration to me!!


Racing on the shore one never thinks of hills, there are hills!  I remember when we first moved to RI and a girlfriend from the vast flat lands of the Midwest came to visit her comment of  "Beth I never imagined the coat to be so hilly."  always rings through my brain. The hill at mile 7.5 wasn't going to get the best of me.  The perfect cheery perky well paced song came on at that point and I nearly skipped up the hill to Jason Mraz singing "I'm Yours" and that hill was mine!  The previous ones offered spectacular views and the ones after? Well they are a hill, just get over it!

Pace / Elevation - consistent and I walked the water stops

That and they were getting me closer to the finish.  Julia spied me in the final yards of the finish and cheered me on.  It was almost like mile 23 of MCM all over again and I got a good burst of joy to get me across the finish line, which seemed like it would never come as we looped around inside Fort Adams.  Ugh...


We ambled to the car, back to the park and ride, and then on to breakfast!  Discussed our running history, families, and what we were going to do with the rest of the afternoon.  Jen and Nicole are smart cookies as they had nothing on the agenda, while ding dong thought she might (and did) take Lord Giz of the Mo out for a hike in Burlingame.  It was fun.  I managed to figure out where I lost the Sammy C trail  (it is a beautiful and technical trail - plan to attack that post Ice Age Trail 1/2 Marathon) and met one of Hubbs riding buddies out on the trail.  Gizmo enjoyed his outing and exploring the trail and the woods, he was especially thrilled with the running streams to wade in and get a drink of water.

Gotta love that gray mug and muddy paws on my old guy!

Beth, happy with her racing weekend and ready for Monday to relax!

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