Monday, April 29, 2013

Less About Running and More General Musings

My dad used to look forward to Monday, so he could relax.  He was always busting his butt from the time he got home Friday night through Sunday night on house projects.  I can’t say that I busted my butt all weekend on house projects, although I did manage to get the laundry done and maybe load the dishwasher?  The dining room rehab hit a bit of a stall but now the moldings are up and should be put back together tomorrow night.  Otherwise, I ran a lot.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Sat and Sunday were races and running here and there with errands and bib pick up.  Well Sat, more an event, but getting to and from Hartford is a haul for me and there was an impromptu washing of all three dogs followed by a trip to Newport to pick up my bib.  This left me a little spent by the time Saturday night rolled around.  Sunday was the race and a bit of relaxing, a hike with the eldest pup, then dinner out with Hubb.

So we have these three dogs, all boxers, all boys, all about 70 pounds.  Gizmo – he is 12 and basically been a curmudgeon since he was born, we adopted him just after he turned 2, his family couldn't afford to keep both him and his mom.  Gus – he is 5 and neurotic, we adopted him at age 3, after he spent 18 months in a kennel waiting to be rescued.  We refer to this time as “Puppy Prison”.   Gus was on death row for behavioral issues, his issue is being neurotic about everything and once we figured that out we knew how to deal with him.  And finally the puppy, Jax – he is 2 and is slowly starting to mature, Jax’s owner backed over him with his truck and then decided it would be better to destroy this perfectly good pup even with the rescue paying for the operation and his only responsibility being to rehab him after his crushed back leg was put back together and pinned.  He comes to us with no baggage, just the typical boxer mentality of always pushing to find the boundary and being a clown. 

I got home from the Color Me RAD desperately in need of being de-colored.  Gizmo was hopping around with the itchies, it is shedding season and for some reason he just won’t shed, we think he just doesn't want to let go of his fur, no matter how miserable it makes him.  So off to the shower he went for a good scrubbing to release some of that fur (more to come off after he dried).  He willingly climbs in the shower for this torture.  After his torture, he was more than happy to be freed and shake water all over the bathroom and get toweled off.  Jax sees this getting toweled off business, and he LOVES to get toweled off. He will go out into the rain just to come in wet to get toweled off.  He saw the process and jumped in the shower.  ME NEXT!!!  Ok, fine, sure, you could use a bath I am  sure.  He LOVED it, getting sprayed and soaped and scratched and sprayed and his favorite part the toweling off!!!  Poor Gus stood there in the bathroom doorway, “But what about me, why don’t I get a bath? I never get anything those guys get.”  Like I said, neurotic.  He wasn't so sure about the whole thing once he got in the shower but the other two got to and damn it he wasn't getting left out of this.    Hubb came home to find three naked (they didn't have their collars on, we call this naked) dogs in the foyer and yelled up “Hon, why are the dogs naked?”  All three shook the last little bits of water off of them. “And wet?  Oh you guys got baths.”  “Hon why did you wash all three of them, Giz is the only one who needed it?”  I told him the story I just told you and he said “Yeah, that sounds like our dogs.”

L - R:  Jax, Gizmo, Gus, Sage

This picture depicts them accurately. Jax ready for action, Gizmo being curmudgeonly, Gus wanting to please, Sage, the matriarch, she passed away on January 30th  (age 10), The Boyz are now a little lost, she was pretty good about keeping them in line, as you can see from the expression on her face "Jax get serious".

Sunday night rolled around, Hubb and I went out to Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock in New London to eat fish and chips, and completely ruin any healthy benefits of our exercise filled weekend.    Mad Men was less than stellar and it was bed time.  I was happy for  Monday to arrive so I could go to work and relax. 

Well I didn't get to do too much of that.  Catching up from a crazy week last week, a 4.5 mile run to clear my head, and off to see Amy for a massage.  Amy decided she needed to really get in at my lower back and legs with her elbows, she must have sharpened them over the weekend.  Her comment mocking me as I said “I’m not in any pain.” as she reviewed my laundry list of injuries, and dug her elbow in to my hamstrings and butt, giggling and mocking me by saying “Oh, no Amy I’m not in any pain.” And me saying through gritted teeth “Well I wasn't till you jabbed me with your elbow.” Wincing and trying not to shriek in pain.  She is probably reading this laughing hysterically.  I wouldn't have it any other way, but damn I need to seriously make friends with my foam roller so this un-sticking of my muscle fiber isn't as painful!!!

Tonight was also TRX, the usual barrel of laughs. I did buy my own rig to use at home, to get in a couple sessions a week.  I am finding this to really strengthen my core and it is really enjoyable.  Now I just have to find a door in this old crooked house that completely closes and latches.  Didn't think that through all the way, now did I?

Maybe tomorrow I can relax at work?  Famous last words.

Beth, wondering what tomorrow holds in store...


  1. Beautiful bunch!! I'm sure Sage is still watching out for them!

    1. Thanks Jose! They are something and I am sure Sage is peering down on them shaking her head, thinking Idiots, in true female form!!